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Industrial & Systems Engineering Research Conference (ISERC) 2015

Author: Kaibo Liu

Please be aware of Industrial & Systems Engineering Research Conference (ISERC) this year is on May 30 – June 2, 2015 in Nashville, Tenn. Details can be found:

I would like to recommend two featured panel discussion sessions on data analytics that I chaired in ISERC this year. Please don’t miss the sessions!

1. “ Panel Discussion – Industrial analytics courses: the needs, contents and expectations”:

Date: Sunday, May 31
Time: 2-3:15PM
Location: 209
Invited Panelists: Prof. Shiyu Zhou from UW-Madison, Prof. Diego Klabjan from Northwestern University, Prof. Satish Bukkapatnam from Texas A&M University, and Prof.Read more

IERA Update 033115

Author: Changyue Song

New feature:

1. Anonymous posting is enabled in the forums.

2. In-site notification is improved. You can receive notifications for article comments in the main site.

3. You can fold/unfold the index of forums by clicking on the checkbox.

4. The size of each attachment in the forums is enlarged to 5 MB.

Other issues:

1. Considering the storage space and response speed, revision logging of topics and replies is disabled, and a maximum of 2 revisions will be stored for articles.

2. The display of the website in terms of font/color/size is improved.

3. User activities are disabled.… Read more

IERA Update 031015

Author: Changyue Song, Kaibo Liu

IERA was published on Feb 19, 2015. We will continuously track the updates of the platform. Here, we introduce the basic structure, user roles, and other essential issues of this website. The website is composed by two main parts: the main site and the forums.

1. Website Structure

In the main site, we continuously post high-quality articles, concerning all areas in industrial engineering as well as the website itself. In the forums, users can have discussions.

Any user will have two roles with respect to the main site and the forums. Roles of the main site include:

  • Administrator: A role with the highest priority
  • Editor: Can publish & edit articles in the main site, including others’ articles
  • Author: Can publish & edit his own articles in the main site
  • Contributor: Can favorite & comment articles, can write their own articles in the main site but cannot directly publish articles

The four roles are sorted according to their priorities.… Read more

Hello IERA!

Author: Kaibo Liu, Changyue Song

Editor: Kaibo Liu, Changyue Song

This is the first post in IERA. IERA is a non-profit website and platform for introducing, spreading, and enhancing the knowledge of Industrial Engineering to people over the world. IERA also serves as a central hub to connect audiences from industrial scientists, academic researchers, engineers, students and those who are interested in the IE field to share ideas, questions, knowledge, and experience.

Please join us to make our IE society better!… Read more