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A Data Visualization View: Global Implementation of Sustainable Energy

  • Angela Chen (
  • Yuang Zhou (

I. Introduction

Along with the popularity gained by Tableau, increasing attention is now paid to the technique of Visualization, when it comes to Data Analysis. Visualization allows the illustration of the condition shown by the data in a direct, visible and  intelligible way rather than the abstract numerical expressions. Visualization definitely provided a widely accepted channel of communication, especially when showing the data analysis report to those who are not familiar with statistics and math.

Sustainable energy, as a keystone of pollution reduction and countermeasure for global-warming, has been emphasized and discussed for several years.… Read more

Panel Discussion on Industrial Data Analytics Courses

We would like to introduce a panel discussion on Industrial Data Analytics Courses: The Need, Content and Expectations at the IIE annual conference that was held on May 30 – June 2 in Nashville, TN.

Three panelists joined this session, including Prof. Shiyu Zhou (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Prof. Satish Bukkapatnam (Texas A&M University), and Prof. Soundar Kumara (Penn State University). All panelists have been leading scholars in this field and have already offered at least one course related to industrial data analytics. The moderator of this session was Prof. Kaibo Liu (University of Wisconsin – Madison). The recorded video for this featured panels session is shown below:

The goal of this session is to enhance the education of industrial data analytics in Industrial Engineering departments by providing an interactive forum for the IE community to communicate on the course design and share information on the course materials.… Read more

Guidelines on Writing Articles in Main Site

Author: Changyue Song

1. Welcome and Thank You!

Dear friends, welcome to IERA! IERA is non-profit website serving as a platform to share ideas, questions, knowledge, and experience particular to IE society. Thank you for all your selfless efforts to enrich the content of the website and to make contributions to the IE society. This post is designed as guidelines for new users, authors, and editors on how to post articles in our main site.

2. Copyright

The articles posted on our main site are owned by their original authors. Authors can publish their original articles, and editors can publish others’ articles besides their owns.… Read more