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    Karthi MB

    Can someone suggest few good books on”Simulation Modelling” that can aid self-phased learning?.(other than Averill M Law). Even online links of good online lectures are welcome. I am essentially looking for resources that might explain neatly the essential steps involved in building a models, such like aiding with quantitative examples. Thank you.


    Feifan Wang

    If “simulation modeling” you mentioned here means discrete-event system simulation, you could consider to get your study in simulation started by reading the book Discrete-Event System Simulation, Authored by Jerry Banks, John S. Carson, Barry L. Nelson and David M. Nicol. It contains enough detail about each step of simulation study. A large number of case studies can also be found in this book.

    If your interest is probability and statistics, you could consider the book simulation author by Sheldon M. Ross.



    ‘Simulation with Arena’ by David Kelton is a good book for learning about simulation and ARENA.


    Katherine Faust

    I agree with Feifang. Discrete-Event System Simulation is a good book to learn simulation! Also I recommend using Arena to make simulations.


    Aahnik Baruah

    Karthi, have you taken the class on simulation modeling by professor Leyuan Shi. Its offered in the spring semester. You might want to take a look. Her class presentations are really good.



    I agree with Aahnik. You should definitely take ISyE 620 in the spring semester


    Karthi MB

    Thanks Feifan for providing reference resources. AAhnik and Jagadish thanks you for your valuable information. But since I am graduating next semester, I’ve already decided on other courses to complete my requirement.But still, I can self-read from books suggested by Feifan.


    Feifan Wang

    Reply to Karthi MB of #2457:

    You are welcome. I am glad you decide to read the book. Feel free to let me know if you have any question to simulation or to this book.


    QiWen Shu

    Is Arena the major software model that was used in industrial for simulation modelling as well?


    Nicole Boehne

    QiWen, yes, Arena is one of the major software modeling systems that is commonly used.


    MPX is also a simulation software used in addition to ARENA.


    From what I had experienced, MPX is not a simulation software in classic sense. It is does not sample from a distribution and uses analytical queuing formula to calculate performance measures. I am not sure if they have made an upgrade.



    I would definitely take a look at learning the software AMPL. There is a free book for it, and is a really good software for simulation modeling especially linear programs.



    Hi Karthi,

    If you are interested in using a simulation software other than ARENA then SIMIO is a good option. It is cheap and fast compared with ARENA.


    Hang Ma


    Simulation Modeling and Analysis written by Averill Law is quite a good reference book for you to learn simulation modeling. It contains basically all the fundamental steps to build a simulation model. In terms of software, Arena or Anylogic as reference.

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