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    Katherine Faust

    My team and I have created a simulation model of Einsteins Bagels to analyze their efficiency and utilization of workers. We used Arena to create this simulation along with some alternative models. Einsteins organized their workers to separate workers who make food items and workers who make drink items. Our Arena simulation showed a lack of utilization of one of the coffee workers. One of our ideas for an alternative model was to make all workers make food and drink orders. This leveled out the utilization of all the workers to be roughly even. However with this change came an issue with an increase in total wait time and the total time a customer is in the system. These slight changes could cost them business and it might be more efficient for them to simply have less workers. Also it might be a good idea to keep workers separated by order type for training reasons. It will take less time and money to only train workers on one order type than both. This is also important because a restaurant like Einsteins probably has a high worker turnover rate therefore making a lot of training inefficient. Overall the actual simulation of how Einsteins is running now was one of the top choices because of the relatively quick wait times and total processing times.


    Mancy Lu

    It sounds impressive simulation project. However there is a point need to consider. For most of restaurants, they would become pretty busy under the dinning time. I wonder if your team have consider the different situations under the different time segment for each day into your simulation. If not, you may could separate your model into several parts based on the busy hours or non-busy hours. Or you could explore the Schedule mode in Arena to improve the model. Just a food for thought.

    As for the results, since there is a little bit trade off between the total waiting time (and the total time in the system) and cost of hiring workers, it is also worthy making surveys about the customer waiting experience in Einsteins Bagels and client’s needs. I like the choice of simulation for relative quick time, but if the client set cost as first priority, maybe the first model is better.

    Good luck to your project. It seems pretty meaningful for Einsteins Bagels.


    Katherine Faust

    Mancy, we did collect data on busy days (weekends during lunch time) and during more of a lull(weekday afternoon). We put all of this data together in one simulation but it might be more accurate if we made 2 different models, one with the rush hour data and one with the weekday data. Then Einsteins could figure out how to maximize utilization during their rush hours.


    Kayla Sampson

    Mancy, I was also in Katie’s group and wanted to thank you for your feedback. I agree that separating the model into different simulations would be beneficial based on high customer traffic times and low customer traffic times. This separation would certainly be helpful for Einstein’s to understand exactly how many employees they need on a weekday late afternoon, for example, compared to a busy Saturday morning. (And also to maximize utilization, as Katie said.) I did not know there was a Schedule mode, but will be sure to look at it soon! It’s amazing how much Arena can give insight about particular supply chain designs, whether the process be a cafe, fast food chain, or even a retain store.



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