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    Tate Riordan

    What was the most useful and most interesting IE electives you have taken at UW?

    Aidan Smith

    A little of topic but my favorite non IE elective had to be African 100, it was very interesting learning about new culture and the professor was very knowledgeable.

    Alec Jacobson

    I really think 412 is a great elective. It has flexibility for different requirements, the exams are very fair and straightforward, and you get to learn R code and Tableau. R code is kind of boring but a very useful tool in many different situations, and Tableau is very fun to use.

    Michael Kemnitz

    I agree with Alec. I think ISyE 412 was my favorite ISyE elective I took during my undergrad. I used it as my Quantitative Methods technical elective and I found the class both very interesting and useful. My favorite thing I learned in that class was Tableau. The skills you learn are extremely useful.

    William Wirono

    Apart from 412, I think 549 is also a good one. It takes human factors engineering into more depth from what you learn in 349. On top of that, Prof. Silber is a really great professor. She knows her students really well.

    James Eberle

    I really like ISYE 516 which is an elective about decision analysis.

    Jacob Wang

    I really enjoyed ISYE 555 Human performance and accident causation. You get to analyze aviation accidents and see how engineering tools have drastically increased the safety of modern day aircrafts.

    Conner Boldt

    I agree with previous replies that 412 is a great elective.  ISyE 517 was also a great elective if you are interested in the health care field.  You learn about how an Industrial Engineer can benefit hospitals using different decision analysis tools.


    I enjoyed ISyE 601 “Data Science for People” with Prof. John Lee.

    Saranya Putrevu

    ISYE 662 is a very interesting elective that discusses designing for disabilities.


    ISYE 601 was a great class for me to learn how to apply techniques to promote efficient and replicable model development. I also learned how read, transform and visualize data with R.


    To fulfill an engineering science credit, I took BSE 367 Renewable Energy Systems. I took it over the summer, and it was a very interesting course. Not only did I learn about the physics and chemistry behind multiple different renewable energy sources, but I also learned about the economics of each source (deciding whether a source is economically feasible). The course was also self-paced with no synchronous lectures. I highly recommend taking this course if you are interested in renewable energy.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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