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    Julia Hewitt

    What are some of everyone’s favorite places to study on campus/surrounding area? I personally really like Microbial Sciences and ECB.

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    Grace Ziegler

    I enjoy studying in Wendt library in a quiet room or in ME on the third floor.

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    Vedant Agrawal

    Though I normally study in a co-working space I have access to, I like studying in ECB and Wendt!

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    AJ Lingg

    The education building over by Bascom is really nice and fairly new. It has great lighting and isn’t too crowded during finals week!

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    The new business school library is a great new location for students to study at. It is also located very central on campus which is great for those that don’t live over by the engineering buildings. They also have some nice technology and furniture in there since it is a new addition to the B-school!

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    Kristjana Hrovat

    Reply to Julia Hewitt of #4663:

    I really like studying in the basement of steenbok Library. Also, if all the tables seem to be full in ME, there are some desks up on the 4th floor too. If ECB tables seem full, you can walk through the doors to the areas with offices, and there are really nice tables in there.

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    The music library which is located on the basement level of memorial library is a nice, relatively unknown location. A great place by engineering campus is Wendt because it is usually not full and it has new furniture and technologies situated there. Plus, Union South is right there if you want a break from studying.

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    Ashley Hellenbrand

    If I’m studying on the engineering campus, I enjoy studying at ECB since it’s usually pretty quiet there and plenty of tables are usually open as well. If I’m studying more towards Southeast Campus, I like the Student Activity Center (SAC) or College Library. The SAC gives a bright, open area to study with plenty of light coming in. College is great if you need to pull an all nighter as it is open 24 hours during finals.

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    Blake Germain

    Reply to Julia Hewitt of #4663: I’ve come to really enjoy Wendt since they have made the renovations to it. The main reasons is you can find spaces for quiet study as well as group study. It is also a very underrated study spot so not a lot of people go there, so you should have no problem finding a table!

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    Dominic Thompson

    I enjoyed studying in the Mechanical engineering building. The big windows on the north end of the building provide alot of natural light which is enjoyable while working on schoolwork.

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    I really enjoy studying at memorial union in the room behind the terrace with the big windows! Kinda smells like food sometimes but most of the time it’s not that bad.

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    Joshua Fernandez

    One of my favorite places to study on campus is the education building. The semester was the first time I have even been in the building, but it is really cool and a nice change of pace sometimes from Wendt commons.

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    Graham Dalsing

    I am a big fan of Steenbock library. It is fairly close to engineering, has plenty of options for different levels of noise while studying, and offers great views of the Allen gardens to make studying a little more enjoyable.

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    The quietest, and my personal favorite place is in Memorial Library. Affectionately referred to as “the Cages”.

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    Melissa Peskin

    I would have to agree with Nicoletta on this one. Memorial Union is one of my favorite places since it has a really great view. It can get a little noisy sometimes but if that doesn’t bother you it is a wonderful study spot!

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