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    Zachary Yonish

    I have always found the law building to be a good study spot. There are also some nice open classrooms in science hall and the 4th floor of college that are usually pretty quiet and make for good study spaces around finals time.

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    Nick Hurtgen

    I like studying at the Law Library over on Bascom. I enjoy it because of the crazy architecture, quietness, and the big windows overlooking the hill. Only downside is that only law students can study there during finals.

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    I like to study in Mechanical Engineering at the tables near Johnson St. I like the high ceilings, large windows and that the tables have outlets embedded in them.

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    Katherine Schroeer

    Historical Library is very peaceful and quiet! It’s a beautiful building right across from Memorial Union.

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    Timothy Healy

    Reply to Julia Hewitt of #4663:

    I like to study in the basement of 1410 Engineering. There are a ton of tables and outlets and most people do not know about it. I always have tons of room and have never been close to not finding a spot. It is in a basement, but that does not bother me as most of the time that I am studying it is below freezing outside anyways 🙂

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    Right now my favorite places to study are ECB and ME. Both are pretty quiet and have lots of windows and are close to where all my classes are. Wendt Commons is also nice.

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    Finley Myers

    I spend most of my studying in Engineering Hall and ECB. I like ECB for the lack of crowds, even on weekdays, but prefer Engineering Hall for the better lighting. Generally, I avoid Engineering Hall during class time as it has a tendency to be crowded and noisy.

    As a third option, the WID can be an excellent place to study. Although it could use more tables and outlets, the lighting is great, and the building has the perfect level of ambient noise.

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    Grace Allen

    Reply to Julia Hewitt of #4663:

    I really enjoy studying at Memorial Union. It’s very enjoyable to look at the lake when I study and reward myself with a pizza from Strada 🙂

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    Julia Romero

    I like the hidden big room in memorial library on the second floor through the south stacks. Being surrounded by many people in a quiet environment makes me feel like I need to be focused like everyone around me.

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    If I want to study for finals with a group of people I always like to find a classroom in the Mechanical Engineering Building. The building is open at all hours and its nice to feel isolated from the rest of campus and focused on just studying. Most of these classrooms are very spacious and don’t have any windows so you don’t feel like you are wasting your day inside. The only downside is if you get hungry you most likely will have to order food since it is so far away from any food places.

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    Owen Carr

    When its open, I like to study in the top floor of Education Sciences. It has a great view and natural lighting with giant widows that overlook Madison. To get there, you have to take the elevators to the top floor then take the staircase up one more floor.

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    Zach Bonk

    I personally like the ME building, it’s right next to all my classes and it has easy access computer labs and there is almost always somewhere open to sit.

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    Benny Boelter

    I enjoy studying in the Law Library once in a while if I really need to get some work done. It is extremely quiet and somewhat of a cool building too.

    I would also recommend the Discovery Building for more of a relaxing study vibe.

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    Jared Langenohl

    I’ve got a couple go-to places–Wendt is always good and usually pretty quiet, the cages in Memorial Library are good if I need to really lock in, and either ME or ECB. I’d say anywhere I go provides fewer distractions than my room!

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    Alexander Hallquist

    If I’m going to be studying for an extended period of time I usually find somewhere that is fairly quiet and not too many visual distractions. The best place I’ve found for this is any Engineering building on the weekend.

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