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    Kristin Serwin

    I love studying in Wendt commons because there are so many outlets and there’s always tons of space. My favorite this semester has been ECB. I love the natural lighting, high ceilings and it’s usually pretty quiet. I think it’s a bit of a hidden gem in engineering.

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    Jackson Lanigan

    I think Wendt is incredibly helpful if you need help in any engineering classes. MechE has some great classrooms that you can use. I also think Grainger is a good environment.

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    Andrew Haen

    I enjoy going to Wendt Library in Teacher Education building because not many student’s know about this library. I haven’t had trouble finding a table to study at since I first discovered it as a sophomore.

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    Jin-ri Lee

    Although fair from Engineering, I enjoyed the basement in Memorial Library because not a lot of people know about this area so it is pretty quiet and is next to good food places

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    Tyler Byrne

    I usually stick to College Library. If I have busy work that doesn’t exactly need busy work I’ll typically go to third floor computer lab to talk with people as I work. If I have an exam/quiz that I have to study and focus on I will go to the quiet section on the third floor of college library. The cubicles in this room are a great place to focus and is always quiet.

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    Sydney Seim

    I also like the 3rd and 4th floors of Wendt and this is typically my go to. The basement of the 1410 building has a nice study room with tables (and has a microwave) and even just finding an empty room in E-hall up on the second floor is nice too if you need whiteboards or just a quiet space!

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    Satvik Yagnamurthy

    Grainger Business School, 2nd floor Learning Commons is my favorite place to study at UW – Madison. The rich facility provides a unique technological vibe and provides me extra motivation to focus. In addition, the floor allows you to rent equipment such as laptops or chargers. Not too far from the commons is Capital Cafe in case students ever require coffee or a food break. If you have not studied here before, I highly recommend it.

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    Bailey Smith

    I’m a big fan of the library on the fifth floor of Helen C. White. Not many people know of it and it has a great view of the lake. This is different from College library,

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    Tate Riordan

    Personally, I enjoy going to college library because there are many different places there that you can study.  If you need to study with a group or do a group project, there are plenty of rooms that can be rented out to work at.  If you need to study and get a lot done on your own, you can go to the designated quiet areas in the library and get your work done.

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    Ben Peterson

    I tend to wander around E-Hall trying to find an open room to study in. If it is not during a main class time, you can usually find one that is open and then you can utilize the distraction-free space.

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    Mackenzie Dahlquist

    I enjoy studying at ECB or in a classroom in Engineering Hall. The cages are also good for long pre-exam study sessions!

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    Derrex Woo

    The AMP library in Chamberlin Hall is quiet place that’s good for focus. It’s pretty well hidden, so not many people are there.

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    Ryan Garley

    Personally, I enjoy studying at College Library for the great views and multitude of tables there. Although, if I need to really grind out some work or study for an exam, I find my way over to one of the engineering buildings and find an empty classroom to study in.

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    Alec Jacobson

    I really enjoy the big rooms on the first few floors of memorial library with the long light brown tables. Although there are a lot of people it is usually much more quite than college, and looking at a lot of other people studying hard around me makes me study hard also.

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    Karissa Maciolek

    With the whole quarantine situation, I realized I really miss studying in coffee shops. I felt like I always was productive sitting in Starbucks on State Street. Memorial Union is also one of my favorite places to study, but sometimes it is hard to find a good spot!

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