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    Noah W

    I prefer Memorial library since it is quiet and usually free of distractions. I always find myself to be the most productive when I study or do homework in the desks behind the stacks.

    James Eberle

    College Library is always a good place to study however it can get pretty busy and distracting. For intense studying, Memorial Library is a good place to study.

    Ryan Cody

    College Library is great. Wendt Commons is another one of my favorites.

    Bailey Gene Benck

    I spend most of my time in Unions South, Wendt, and Engineering Hall. I like those three because they all offer a slightly different environment and are very close together so if one is full I still have options.


    My go-to place will be the Steenbock library. You can reserve individual study rooms for having project team meetings or studying, etc.

    Jacob Wang

    If you need absolute silence and focus while studying I recommend the cages in Memorial Library. Try to get there early though since there isn’t that many of them!

    Conner Boldt

    It depends on the time of day and the amount of work.  If I’m not swamped and I might be a little hungry, I really like the Sett or just Union South in general.  When I have a lot of work Memorial Library is my go to.


    I quite like studying on the 4th floor of Memorial library in the East Asia section. The cage’s on the fourth floor are also great if you really need to hunker down.


    I think the best place to study on campus is in Memorial Library. The stacks are very quiet and comfortable. Even kind of cozy when it’s cold/snowing outside. The cages are also nice if you don’t mind the uncomfortable metal chairs. However, I don’t recommend studying here if you don’t like studying in silence or you need background noise to focus.

    Gwyneth Simon

    My favorite study spot on campus is the 4th floor of Memorial Library in the silent section. There are massive sized tables so you can spread out all of your materials and also because no one is speaking it is very easy to get a ton of work done in a focused environment. Although you don’t get the lake view that College Library provides, I still prefer Memorial for all those reasons.

    Dhivya Umachandran

    As an engineering student, I would hover around the Union South area, but before Covid hit, I discovered the business library in the B School; It has a really futuristic design and it makes for a really quiet study space.

Viewing 11 posts - 46 through 56 (of 56 total)

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