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    In your opinion, is it better to choose a city that you want to live in and search for jobs there, or to find a job you are excited for and then let the city follow? As I look for jobs after college, this question has been digging at me! Let me know what you think.

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    Alex Pape

    Colin, I think it depends on the person.  For me personally, I know I want to stay within the midwest so am looking at jobs specifically in the twin cities or in Chicago, but I believe it’s totally up to the individual person.  If an opportunity presents itself that’s a little farther away but it’s an opportunity you really see yourself interested in I would say go for it, if it’s not a good fit, there will still be jobs available.

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    Nawang Singhe

    I think it is better to find a job you love and let the city follow. Engineering majors can probably find a job in most places, so I don’t think location is the limiting factor for most engineers, but like Alex said, it really depends on the person!

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    Andrew Trotter

    I think it also makes a difference whether you would like to stay close to family and friends after graduation. If you feel uncomfortable going off on your own in a brand new city, maybe this isn’t the best option.

    However, I would say travel and get new experiences while you’re young! As Nawang said, it really depends on the person and circumstances.

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    Reply to Colin Dowda of #4083:

    Hi Colin,

    I think the most important factor to consider is what company you want to work for. I am in a Human Resources class right now and it discusses the importance of finding an organization that has an organizational culture that matches your personality and values. When your organization’s culture matches your personality you are more apt to perform well and be a happier more effective employee. In addition, you can go on vacations and visit new unique places but it would be harder to force yourself to work at a company or have a position in which you don’t feel valued by the organization or aren’t passionate about the work you are doing.

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    Nick Lawrence

    Reply to Bella of #4410:

    Agreed! It seems probable that your job influences your work more than the city you live in. However, I have heard of recent grads moving to a place they dislike so much that they end up moving, and were sad to cut ties with the roots they planted in that city. So I’d say that both need to be valued, but the job matters a little more.

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    Adam Mitchell

    Honestly, I believe it’s a healthy balance between the two. I’m sure there are many companies you would love to work for and some places you’d like to live, so you just have to find where those two desires meet. For me, I will be going into a job that allows me great flexibility as to where I live upon the completion of my 2 year training program — during which I will get to live in 4 completely different parts of the country.

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    I value the city over the company just because I feel like each city attracts certain types of people, and these are the people you’ll ultimately be working with!

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    Tina Lu

    I personally prefer a good organization over city. If you really want to live in certain parts of US, go for it but research your employer (culture especially) extensively before signing the offer.

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    Alec Bernstein

    For my job search, I knew that I wanted to be in New York City so limited my search to just that city. I think it depends on the person, but I believe that you can find an awesome company or a great job in whatever city you want to live in. So if you have a specific location in mind, I think you should let that city guide your job search!

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    Kalley Anderson

    I think a company is more important than a city. My reasoning behind this is because if you find a company you like (they have a company culture that you like and they have the projects that interest you), you can probably move to a different location with the company after you have put in some time into the job you have in a city that isn’t your favorite. Most companies want you to grow and take other opportunities within the company, so it is pretty easy to stay with the company but move to another city.

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    Kyle Raddatz

    I don’t really follow the quote “do something you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life”. I think it’s a little unrealistic, and if you do something you love for work, then eventually what you love will just become work, and you won’t love it anymore.  My opinion is that you should find a job that you enjoy that allows you to do the things you love when you are not at work. For this reason, I think it’s more important to pick the city you would love to be in, and then find a job there that you would like to work.

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    Chenyi Zhao

    I would say the location may be somehow more important than the company. If you choose to work in the big city area or a location where have a lot of companies that you may have the potential to work there where can gives you more opportunities. The big and famous companies are not always good for just graduated students.

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    Jake Bever

    I began my search by picking 5 cities that I could see myself living in for the beginning in my career. Because these cities were generally large (ie Chicago, Denver, Minneapolis, etc), I felt that I didn’t really limit my options for choosing the right company for me. If you are looking at companies that are large enough to have locations all around the US then I would say choose the company first.

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    Vedant Agrawal

    There are a lot of good points made in the posts above. I personally think that the company culture and your position is far more important than the city, as you will be spending a lot of your productive time at work, so its better to be working in an environment you like. That being said, I think you should narrow your search down to a few cities you do like. As an entry-level engineer, it should not be hard to find a lot of companies hiring pretty much in any city.

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