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    Ashley Hellenbrand

    What do people recommend for fulfilling the Engineering Science requirement for IE majors? (Any engineering class at the 200 level or above that is not listed/cross-listed with ISyE.)

    I am considering taking CIV ENGR 498: Construction Project Management. Any opinions on that course? I am probably most interested in Civil Engineering courses, but am open to other options too – anything that would be interesting/easy for an IE major.

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    Blake Germain

    What my friend and I did was take ECE 210 which is a freshman level introductory electrical engineering course. Even if you do not have an interest in electrical engineering, the class is elementary level and allows you to easily pick up on the basics of electrical engineering at ease. You tackle tasks like soldering, making circuit boards, as well as basic coding. The class only meets for 3 hours a week (usually only takes 1.5 hours).

    The only drawback is this class is two credits so you have to take one extra credit somewhere else. My friend and I then took a transportation engineering seminar (579) where as long as you go every week, you will receive the credit.

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    Grace Ziegler

    I took the CIV ENGR 498 online last semester while I was on co-op in a different city. It was pretty interesting and easy to follow, the lectures were all posted and covered different topics. It was easy to watch them before taking a quiz or doing an assignment, but the quizzes sometimes need word for word answers from the lecture. There were group assignments for the class which was weird since it was online but still pretty simple and not too time consuming.

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    Dominic Thompson

    I took civ 669 which was a civil engineering course for lean project management. I thought it was a very interesting course which had many good tools that can be used on any project. It also looked into the Toyota Production System which is very interesting for most IE’s.

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    Graham Dalsing

    I took mechanics of materials (ME 309 I think?) I found it super interesting, and it changed the way I think about the materials around me. It can be very challenging at times, but with enough effort you shouldnt have any problems. As a plus, if you take that Lab, you get to spend your time breaking different samples in half, which was pretty fun.

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    Ben Razidlo

    I’ve taken EPD611: Engineering Economics and Management at U-W Madison. As a research engineer, it was an adjustment to get into the swing of things. After getting accustomed to the course material, I’ve found it very valuable and it will help me in the future work with management in selling my ideas. I was not expecting it to be as valuable at it has become to me.

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    Zachary Yonish

    I am going to be taking Materials Science 350 online over the summer which I heard from a few friends is an interesting engineering science elective that is not too difficult either.

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    Allison Winek

    One of the engineering science electives I chose to take was GLE 350. The grade is 70% homework and 30% attendance, which is nice. The homework is time consuming since it takes the place of exams, but it is still manageable.

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    Joshua Fernandez

    Next semester I will be taking BSE 367. I heard this course is quite manageable and I am genuinely interested in renewable energy systems so I think that it will be good introduction to the topic. Also it is online so depending on your style of learning I would also take that into consideration.

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    I took Introductory Ecology and I enjoyed the class because it was so different from any other class I have ever taken. It focuses on evolution other plant and animal interactions. The exams were all multiple choice and I thought the class very interesting and it was a good break from my normal engineering classes.

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    Zach Bonk

    The first elective that I took was ECE 232, it was pretty difficult and I wouldn’t recommend that course specifically.  I did decide that I enjoyed ECE courses though and I have taken a few more since then.  I would recommend looking into ECE courses as I have found them to be pretty enjoyable, but usually they can be more challenging than ISyE courses.

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    Alexander Hallquist

    ME 201. I took it freshman year over 170 and I found it to be an extremely helpful course freshman year to have an insight into the latter engineering courses. I also believe that it incorporates a lot of great scientific method lessons and the labs were a lot of fun.

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    Andrew Haen

    I’ve heard Civil 498 wasn’t too bad of a class. I took Civil 492, which I would not recommend if you aren’t interested in estimating/bidding a construction job. The class was very construction heavy, which is something I am not familiar with. The scheduling portion of the class was applicable to IE’s though.

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    Sydney Seim

    I also took CEE 498 as an engineering science elective. The best part about it was that it was online. The material wasn’t terribly challenging but there was a significant amount of assignments to accomplish throughout the course of the semester.

    I am also currently taking CEE 579 which is a seminar in transportation engineering. The class is only attendance based and is exactly what the title states.

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    Peter Christenson

    ECE 379 is a great option. It’s Special Topics in Electrical Engineering, but this semester the topic is Data Science & Engineering. The course teaches data science methods through Python and uses Jupyter and some of the various libraries within it. It’s definitely a very useful course in terms of building technical skills like Python if you haven’t learned it yet, and even if you are already familiar with the language the class is a good opportunity to continue practicing. It’s a great class if you like programming or are interested in a data science route.

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