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    Kalley Anderson

    I have started to look at job opportunities for after graduation. I am considering both entry level positions and rotational programs. Based on others experiences, what would you recommend for a new graduate?

    Kyle Raddatz


    Through my conversations with ISyE alumni, many of them in these rotational roles have greatly enjoyed their experience because they get to work on meaningful projects in a variety of fields, while also switching projects every year/8 months so things never get dull. It will also give you more time to try new fields if you haven’t decided which you enjoy the most during your internships. However, many of these positions involve geographical location as well, so if you want to stay in a specific area long term, you should consider that uncertainty.

    Grace Ziegler

    I have been thinking about this as well for when I start my job search in the fall. I think that if you are decided on what you want to do based on internship experiences or coursework then an entry-level position in the field you select would be fine. I know that I would like to try to get a rotational position as I have a general idea of what I would like to do but want to learn multiple functions of a company before being placed somewhere full-time. If you start with an entry-level, depending on the company you could possibly move around on your own and create your own mini rotational program if you want to try out different positions.

    Melissa Peskin

    I am also on the hunt for jobs post-graduation and am trying to decide which is best for me to try to get into. For an entry-level job, you get your foot in the door and can really create good connections with higher members of your team. Entry-level jobs allow you to improve your skills in a specific area which is great if it ends up being something that you love and really want to delve further into in the future. On the other hand, rotational programs are great because you can experience several areas of the firm/industry and find what best suits you and your skills while also allowing you to meet a variety of people in the company. Entry-level jobs and rotational programs are both great so no matter what your first job ends up being, you will have a great foundation for all of your future endeavors.

    Allison Winek

    I think it can depend on your interests and the rotations offered by different rotational programs. If you are studying industrial engineering because there is a certain area of it that you’re really interested in, it would probably be more appropriate to start in an entry level role where you can specialize in that. On the other hand, if there are a few different areas of IE that you like, finding a rotational program that allows you to explore those in depth can be a great option as well.

    Tina Lu

    I would recommend rotational programs just because you get to experience different functions of the company and decide what you want.

    John Ikon

    I want through a rotational program, the exposure was really great. Helped my know what departments in my company to avoid.

    But above all, it was a great networking resource and I still utilize a lot of the connections I made through the rotational program.

    J Weigandt

    A rotational position will give you exposure and relationships. You can use it to make a good name for yourself or bad. Ideally, you gain great experience with other groups and processes as well as gain connections with people that can help you when in need. With good attitude, work ethic, ambition, skills etc rotational position is the way to go. In my experience, entry levels are relatively easy to come by, not so much with rotationals.


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