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    Nick Hurtgen

    What was your favorite Non-IE Class? Mine was a blockchain class offered through the business school (Fin 365). It was super informative and offered some great research opportunities.

    Connor Hull

    For a humanities requirement I took AfroAmer 156 this semester which is a class about the modern history of black music in America and it was very interesting. The professor is extremely knowledgable about the content and his lectures are well structured and fun to listen to. If you are a fan of music in general I would recommend this course.

    Ethan Young

    For my Computer Sciences elective, I took Introduction to Programming and it changed my life. I am now graduating with an IE and CS degree, and I hope to use CS fundamentals to have a productive career in IE. I would definitely recommend taking a CS course even if it is not required!

    Joshua Fernandez

    For my Advanced Elective in Econ I took Econ 522: Economics and Law and it was super fun and interesting. The professor is a really good lecturer and the material was fun to talk about. I have recommended the course to many people who are looking for an AE in econ. The professors name is Dan Quint.

    AJ Lingg

    An engineering elective I am currently in is Civil Engineering 579. It is a one-credit transportation seminar that I’ve found very interesting this semester. There is also no homework or papers, you just have to attended the guess speaker once a weak and you get an A!

    Kyle Raddatz


    My favorite Non-IE course that I took was Physics 202. I took it online during the summer a few years ago and it was a great way to turn a class that requires ~150 hours into one that requires ~15.

    Hannah Nguyen

    My favorite non-IE course is CS 302. I think it is beneficial to have some background in coding as for IE student, you probably need that skill later in other courses. Now, I think they change that into the sequence courses 200-300.

    Ashley Hellenbrand

    My personal favorite non-IE course was CS 310: Problem Solving with Computers. I took the course as a CS elective for the engineering and science electives requirement. I am interested in programming in general, so this class was a great opportunity to learn more beyond basic Python. I personally found the content covered on Matlab extremely useful – I have used it many times in some of my other classes! You don’t have to be super experienced in programming to take the course, and I overall found the workload to be manageable.

    Katherine Schroeer

    For my advanced class requirement, I took Econ 343 (Environmental Economics). The class was very informative and the professor was great! The course material was presented through case studies, classroom games, and typical short problem sets. It was also interesting to learn about real-world environmental issues.

    Timothy Healy

    Reply to Nick Hurtgen of #4820:

    Mine was Marketing 355: Marketing in a Digital Age. We learned a lot about digital marketing and how to reach and persuade consumers online. It was very cool to learn about marketing through social media as well as tracking your data to find which sources of marketing provide you with the highest number of conversions (buyers)!


    Marketing 727. Really interesting class about ERP’s with a fun simulation game as a large portion of the course.

    Carter Emerson

    The Real Estate Process 306 was a very interesting class. Being an engineer it is frustrating taking classes that are all math/stats/science related. This class provided a lot of useful information about general real estate. Mortgages, loans and land deeds are just a few of the interesting topics covered in the class.

    Jared Langenohl

    I took Afro-American Studies 154 a couple years ago, and I thought it was an awesome class. We learned the history of hip hop all the way from its origins in Jamaica and New York to the current state of the industry. Professor Shashko was awesome as well (he was a great lecturer and he would play music before class every day).

    Kristin Serwin

    Econ 101 was one of my favorite non-IE classes. I found it to have such great real-life applications. I didn’t even understand taxes before that class. Part of the reason I enjoyed the course so much was because of the professor, David Johnson. If you take that class, I would highly recommend taking it with him.

    Andrew Haen

    As a freshman I took “Where Engineering Meets Society” and found that class to be very interesting. The main focus of the class was discussing how engineering impacts society. We had discussions and even a debate on case studies/ethics of engineering.

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