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    Jin-ri Lee

    I don’t know if it is still available but the video game class is pretty interesting because you review about playing a game which is a good break time from all the studies

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    Spencer Nellis

    My favorite non-ISYE class so far has been CS200. It certainly was challenging learning Java from scratch. However, I think the programming knowledge gained will far outweigh the amount of stress that the class created.

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    Ruixin Zhang

    My favorite non-IE course so far was HIST 103, as we have to take some humanities and ethnic studies why not g for the fun one right?

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    My favorite non IE class was econ 101 with David Johnson. He was so energetic and made the already interesting topic very enjoyable to learn. I would strongly recommend taking this with Johnson if you have the opportunity.

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    Vrishabh Patil

    For my CS elective, I’m currently taking a new Data Programming class! CS320 is the continuation of CS220 which is a programming class on Python. I think it’ll be very useful for IEs since a lot of new analytic and decision-making tools revolve around Python and data programming. The projects are super fun and relevant, and the current professor is a great teacher.

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    Sofia Noejovich

    I took ME 361 (Thermodynamics) and thought it was a very interesting class; especially as an industrial engineer! The entire class is about analyzing systems.

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    Hadyan Fahreza

    To be honest, my favorite is MUSIC 113 (Music Performance) since you only need to come to the music hall and do the quiz every week. It is a one-credit class. However, you can take it three times. It’s a good GPA booster class.

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    Ben Peterson

    Even though some of it is kind of bland, I liked MHR300 (Managing Organizations) because it has made me recognize that all of the principles from industrial engineering apply to running a business.

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    Satvik Yagnamurthy

    My favorite Non-IE course would certainly be MHR 322 – Introduction to Entrepreneurial Management. The course was taught by Dan Olszweski and provided a great foundation as to both when and how to start a new venture. Along with the course content, there was a semester T-Shirt project that allowed students to have an entrepreneurial opportunity in which if the team were to receive profits then they would be able to keep the money.

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    Bailey Smith

    My favorite non IE class that I have taken is CS 301 or now CS 220. This class is a great introduction for people who haven’t taken a computer science course. Python, the language taught in the class, is extremely useful for jobs outside of computer science as well.

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    Tate Riordan

    My favorite non-IE class that I have taken at UW-Madison would be Finance 300.  I took it as an advancement of econ for my liberal studies and I found it very interesting.  The best part about the class is that a lot of the things you learn will be relevant in your life after college no matter what career path you go into.

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