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    Allison Winek

    A very common way for engineering students at UW to find their jobs is through the engineering career fair. I am curious if anyone found theirs in a different or unique way, such as LinkedIn or a personal connection, and would like to share their experience.

    Joshua Fernandez

    Hey Allison!

    I got my internship for the summer through a personal connection. One of my friends dad’s one day asked what I was majoring in and after I told him I was majoring in Industrial Engineering and Economics he said he would get me in contact with his team. After sending over my resume and cover letter, along with scheduling a couple of interviews, later that month I was offered the position. What I took from this is you never know what will come next and if the career fair doesn’t work for you to not get discouraged.

    Nick Hurtgen

    Hi Allison,

    I was able to find a few internships without using the career fair.  When I began the searches I first found a field I wanted to work in. Then I started researching some of the top companies and just applied straight through their websites and sent a follow up email letting them know I applied. While it wasn’t the most efficient way to find an internship, it did lead to some unique companies that don’t recruit at the career fair.

    Connor Hull

    I think the career fair is important and a good way to get your resume out there and possibly land a few interviews. However I was able to find more employers through job posting websites LinkedIn, Handshake and Indeed. A lot of these sites have a quick apply option so you can rattle of many applications quickly. This is also less stressful than the career fairs.

    John Silva

    I never went to a career fair.

    A hiring manager shared the posting for interns with my professor, and the professor forwarded the message to the class. I got the internship, and the company rolled me into a full time position after graduation.

    Now, I hire the interns. When I have an opening, I pass the application site onto some professors I keep in touch with. Last time this happened I had over 50 applicants within 48 hours.

    Networking is important!

    Tina Lu

    I do agree with John. When I hire interns, I talk to professors who taught me at UW and ask if they can forward to interested students.

    Kjerstin Gronski

    I would recommend getting involved, or at least using the resources, in any professional organizations in your field of interest or work. I know that hiring committees in my company use the online resources from some of the professional organizations/ societies that are active in our field. Many organizations have job boards and also the ability to make free student profiles on their websites and that can be an awesome way to be aware of and open to available positions in your field.

    John Ikon

    Its never a bad idea to look up recruiters directly on linkedin and reach if you see a role you’d really like to interview for.

    J Weigandt

    Hey, keep in mind that our country needs good workers too. I would recommend checking out -just beware that they take much longer to get through the hiring process. I have found that while the pay may not be quite as high as civilian sectors, they do a better job of empowerment, giving you more responsibility & diverse experience than in the corporate world.

    Another time I was interviewed and hired it was through networking. The two hiring conferences that I attended yielded about three offers, but not as good as the one through word of mouth.

    Katherine Schroeer

    Indeed or Glassdoor are great ways to find jobs alongside the career fair! Oftentimes these websites notify you of postings for jobs that are similar to the ones you’ve already applied to.


    I found my job at Medtronic through a personal connection to the company. I am a type 1 diabetic and wear a Medtronic insulin pump. As a patient who experienced the live altering benefits of Medtronic’s products, I made it a personal goal to work for this company. I have now had two internships at this company and stand by their mission which I have seen in action throughout the duration of my internships. I am very excited to begin my full-time role as a Manufacturing Engineer after I graduate in the spring!

    Timothy Healy

    Reply to Allison Winek of #4777:

    I found my future job through a friend’s recommendation! The career fair is very helpful, but having a network with strong connections may be even better. Receiving a recommendation from someone already employed at the company really helps you stand out in your application. I was very lucky to have a friend willing to suggest this to me and have it work out as well as it did. Stay in touch with your friends and do not be afraid to ask them for help and recommendations!


    I got my internship last summer through a guy I randomly met at a restaurant! It’s nice to have connections like that and to take chances when an opportunity sounds good (I had a different job lined up but this one sounded better). I have found other jobs through Indeed.

    Finley Myers

    I got one of my engineering related internships through the career fair, and the other through personal connections I had due to prior work at the company. I had worked as temporary labor for the company the following summer, and was able to get a referred to a Manufacturing Engineering Internship by my supervisor.

    Grace Allen

    Reply to Allison Winek of #4777:

    I think Handshake is a great way to find potential jobs and internships. Handshake ties in with the career fair and it is easy to follow the progress of your application which I really appreciate. Instead of having to wait months to hear back from a company, I have found I find back much quicker through Handshake. It is also extremely user friendly and provides the necessary information to submit an application and learn about a job.

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