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    Hadyan Fahreza

    Hello everyone,

    I’m wondering what language(s) is/are the most useful to learn for industrial engineers. Can you give me any recommendations?

    Thank you

    Sofia Noejovich

    I was told that for any engineer Python is definitely the way to go. The syntax is intuitive and it is capable of doing a lot with data analytics. I am also in another class that uses R for machine learning (ISYE 601). It’s seem that both are good to know if you are interested in data science and machine learning.

    Peter Christenson

    It probably depends on your career path, but personally, I think being able to program in Python is the best skill to have, and everything else is more so a supplement to that. Python offers a plethora of flexibility in terms of its application, and having the knowledge of a major programming language like Python is very valuable. I think other languages like R are certainly relevant and can help to further demonstrate a strong technical acumen.

    Mackenzie Dahlquist

    Many classes within the major support the use of R and Python, so I think these are valuable languages for Industrial Engineers. However, applicable jobs to our major often like to see Java as well.

    Luis Finol

    I would definitely agree with earlier posts that say R and Python, but I would also add that knowing Java is pretty handy as I found it to be a good base language that lets you learn other languages more easily. The first language I learned was Java, after that learning other languages was a piece of cake.


    Python and Java are popular choices. Since Industrial Engineering is heavily tired to data science, R is very useful and you will learn these skills in ISYE 412 and ISYE 601.

    Bailey Gene Benck

    I have asked my two roommates that are CS majors this same question. They both recommended python because of its versatility.

    Brittney DeBoer

    I agree that Java is helpful to have under your belt, and it makes learning other languages much easier. R and Python are also super helpful and will be used a lot in ISyE classes.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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