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    I will soon be graduating with an IE degree and starting work with Huron Consulting Group as a Healthcare Consultant. Going into a position that is nearly 100% travel, I know what I’m getting myself into, but I’m wondering if anyone who has worked in consulting has any “lessons learned” to share or things you wish you would’ve known going into the consulting field. Any advice or experiences you can share would be much appreciated!

    Kaibo Liu

    Congratulations to you, Stephanie. 🙂


    Thank you!

    Rebecca Jin

    Hi Stephanie! Congrats on your job! Sorry I don’t have much advice or lessons learned, but wanted to see how things were going, and if you had started yet?  How are you enjoying consulting?

    Sourinthone Bounket

    To bring this back, I agree with Rebecca! Stephanie, I would love to hear more about your experience as a consultant.


    Reply to Sourinthone Bounket of #2842:

    I don’t start the job until February – I’ll let you know how it turns out!

    Bryan Ritter

    I would also love to hear more about your experience and those of anyone else who has had a consulting position.  I’ve always found consultation interesting and I’ve been trying to get a consulting internship for this summer but with no luck.  Any stories and advice about the position would be fantastic so I can figure out if it’s something I want to pursue further

    Jesse Parritz

    Congrats Stephanie! I hope your first few months have been exciting and that you are enjoying your work thus far. While I haven’t begun yet, I will be starting a job in consulting as well. I’ve come across a number of resources online that paint a very clear picture about what to expect as well as many tips/tricks. I’d be happy to list some here, but I think it’d be more useful to just direct you to some of the more valuable resources I’ve come across!

    • Reddit’s Consulting Forum: lots and lots of useful tips/tricks as well as a huge and supportive community, all of whom are very willing to help out. There is lots of satire in the forum, but lots of useful advice as well. You’ll need an account to post/comment, but you can browse everything they have (their wiki is particularly useful) without making one. Hope this help!
      • No particular link for this one, but points! Make sure you sign up for all the frequent flier/hotel/car rental/credit card programs that you can! If you’re traveling with any regularity (which it sounds like you are), these will accumulate very quickly and will start to pay for your personal travel. It helps if you dedicate to particular companies (like picking one airline you always choose and one hotel brand (Marriott/SPG is a popular choice). If you do some googling, I promise you’ll find lots more about making sure you maximize this particular perk.
    Nate Buswell

    As someone who is looking to pursue a degree in consulting, I was wondering if anyone had any good advice on how to balance work and everyday life or if anyone had any experiences in the industry they wouldn’t mind sharing.  Also, thanks for posting those resources, Jesse.  I found some tips that I wouldn’t have thought about.

    Vladimir Bouriakov

    My Dad worked in consulting and traveled a lot. It can be very isolating socially so it’s important to be a part of a good team. The benefits are you get to see a lot of the world and this may be a good way to chose a spot for retirement. You will also get lots of hotel and flying reward points so vacations you only have to pay for food. Avoid hotel shampoo as it can give you blisters long term. Really bad quality.

    Zihao Li

    I am also interested in working as a consultant after graduation with more concentrated on data analytics. I am happy to work with different people who come from different background. I also like traveling all the time! But I heard that consultants can be really tired sometimes. But I hope you like the job!





    Congratulation on getting a promising job. I heard that becoming a consultant will be challenging yet fun.

    Good luck!


    Edward Lei

    Consulting is an area of interest for me as well. I heard it can be really demanding but a lot of fun working on different projects. I would love to hear more experiences with consulting in terms of the experience as well as the balance of social life.

    Jesse Parritz

    Reply to Nate Buswell of #3418: No problem Nate! Those forums helped me a lot to evaluate if consulting was genuinely an area I wanted to work in. There are lots of joke posts and general complaining about hard projects and such, but also many genuine posts from people who love what they do. Reading these and getting a better feel for the different firms out there helped me a lot to decide that this is what I wanted to pursue.

    Best of luck!

    Michael M.


    I understand its been more than 2 years since you received your offer. I am wondering if you still work for Huron, how you like it, and what are your experiences in the consulting field thus far.

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