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    Vladimir Bouriakov

    In the world of Analytics what operating system do you use? Do you use virtual machines?

    My tower at home runs on Windows 7 Ultimate.

    I usually use TeamViewer to remotely access my home computer from my laptop.

    I have been running Linux Mint 18.3 for nearly a year on my laptop with virtual machines in Windows 7 Professional and Windows 2016 Server. I have been disenchanted with Windows 10 slow speed and security vulnerabilities but found Windows 2016 server to have none of the security flaws so I expect I will switch to that next.

    Linux mint on the laptop has been great because the community support is so robust. My laptop is a mid2012 macbook pro, which after a few small tweaks works great with mint. Any intensive work I run remotely through my tower at home.

    In the context of IE:

    What hardware/software set-up do you use? Do you use linux? What has been your experience with Windows 10?



    I use Windows 10 only because I am used to the way interacts with the user and my analysis has not required me to switch to linux. Windows 10 has a very broad basic range of softwares that can be installed, so I do not need to see a need to change.

    Adam Schmidt

    I also like using Windows as you almost never run into compatibility issues for software – this isn’t unique to data analytics.

    Zihao Li

    I would definitely prefer to use Windows rather than  Mac because you will never run into software compatibility issue when you want to use a new software. Also, sometimes there is no version for Mac if you want to use some specific software.

    Zach DeGroote

    Reply to Vladimir Bouriakov of #3445:

    I have used Mac for about 5 years with the standard macOS and it agree that the compatibility issues are the main drawback.  Until Office for Mac 2016 was released, I had a significant amount of issues just running basic Excel commands.  Since the 2016 issue, however, I haven’t had any issues.

    While there are a few programs I use frequently and wish I could run on Mac (Arena for example), I can still use the vast majority of ISyE software or access remotely using Citrix Receiver.

    Edward Lei

    I prefer Windows compared to Mac when it comes to using software to analyze data. Like Adam said, Windows doesn’t run into many compatibility issues compared to Macs. I’ve never used Linux as an operating system before but seen it before. An old roommate of mine once told me it was better for computer programming or something to that effect.


    I strongly prefer windows rather than mac for scientific software. But for programming I’ve mainly been using Linux in a virtual machine because it is Opensource and you have more flexibility in some aspects.

    For example, I’ve been many years working with computational fluid dynamics and that software licenses are usually very expensive if you are working for private industry or as freelance (50 – 60K per license/year). In Linux you can use OpenFOAM which is a CFD software integrated in the Linux terminal and It has pretty much the same capabilities than Fluent but it is free.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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