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    Rebecca Jin

    In your work or internships, what programming languages do you use the most?  Or what programming languages do you wish you had learned at UW?  What do you find has been most useful in the work of IE?

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    Kristen Cherney

    Reply to Rebecca Jin of #2815: I was not required to know any specific programming languages for my internship this past summer; however, I did find that I was using Microsoft Excel and Access very often so I do wish we had more exposure to using Access in class.

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    I agree with Kristen. During past internships I think the most useful thing would have been an advanced knowledge of Microsoft Excel. I know you can go to FREE tech training classes through Do-IT but I never seem to have the time. I’ll have to make it a priority in the spring.

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    Huimin Ou

    I think Microsoft Excel is definitely important (pivot tables, v-lookup). Another software could be useful is Microsoft Access for using the database. You could definitely find tutorials on As a UW student, you can use for free. Here is the link to login lynda from UW Information Technology page:

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    Emily Egge

    I agree with the above comments that ExCel is very important. I did an entire project with Pivot Tables and conditional formatting at my internship last summer. I also had a lot of interaction with SAP. I think being an IE gives us additional background for Supply Chain jobs and SAP was a huge part of that and I ended up spending a lot of time learning how to use it.

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    Yan Zeng

    I went to a session Intern Sharing night held by Institute of Industrial and Engineers where they talks about the useful tools used in their interns. They talks about the more advanced methods used in excel and also the use of Microsoft projects~

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    Archer Jirasirikul

    At my CO-OP, I mostly use Excel functions, Pivot table & charts, conditional formatting, and data filters.

    My company also uses SAP

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    Tyler Parbs

    I worked for 9 months as a data analytics intern at a company in Madison. The most useful programming languages in my experience were Python and Excel. Further, an understanding of relational (e.g. SQL) vs non-relational (e.g. MongoDB) database structures was crucial.

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    Through my work experiences, Excel has been by far the most used by me as well as my colleagues. It probably sounds lame to say, but because so many of your coworkers will work with you on stuff, it doesn’t always help to know how to do XXX in Python or whatever. The other industrial engineering I worked with used Minitab, but since there was only 1 license we had to share lol.

    In short, depending on what industry you enter, the most “useful” softwares will change.

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    Vladimir Bouriakov

    I have been using Python for everything although Julia appears to be a great language for scientific computing especially in clusters. Julia maintains all the functionality of python while making cluster integration really simple.

    Additionally, I have been impressed with visual coding environments namely McNeel Rhino’s Plug-in grasshopper for computer aided design application. Multiple compilers can be run together at once for even different versions of the same language or different languages simultaneously. This makes integration compatibility of different types of data really straightforward. Base language again is Python.

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    I have found that python, R, AMPL (or similar tools), and excel would be the most powerful languages that I wish I could gain more experience from. Excel in particular is listed despite not being a full language because it comes with many useful packages and programming components that can effectively answer a variety of questions. I think that a course on excel would do all students well and give them an edge when entering the workforce. I have also gained a lot of experience in MATLAB and Java which might be less valuable in terms of IE but still very good to understand in terms of developing programming skills.

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    Adam Schmidt

    I think as baseline, Excel is necessary. For large scale data manipulation, repeatability, and analytics python is incredibly useful and is used by many companies. For data analysis R/RStudio is also often used. The benefit of the last two is that they are free to the general public so can easily be used wherever you go. Tableau is gaining in popularity for data visualization and extremely easy to use.

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    Trent Rommel

    It’s really dependent on what you are intending to use the language for. In my personal experience I feel like Minitab has been one of the more useful programs I have learned how to use, it can do a lot of different things in regards to DOE and quality. Tableau seems very similar in the way it can easily do exactly what you want it to do and it can make some very interesting visualizations. I would really like to learn how to use R more because it is a more conventional language and can do a lot of really incredible things once you have mastered it.

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    Hi Trent,

    I definitely think you have the right idea. It all does depend on what your needs for the language are. Tableau and R can do many similar things but R can allow for more custom programs and calculations that Tableau may not be set up to handle. I would also like to learn how to use R as I think it has many applications in Industry.

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    Sarah Brennan

    It wasn’t until I was working that I wished I had paid more attention to the Excel portion of my freshman engineering classes. Excel and Tableau are the main platforms we use for updating our ever changing data.

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