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    Jake Birrenkott

    In the manufacturing field, their wasn’t a specific language to learn, as a lot of the machinery and robots had their own. However, being familiar with conditional programing in general will get you a long ways. Furthermore, I would look into being able to code in excel using VBA’s and macros. This can really streamline your job, saving time in the long run. Learning how to do this in excel has saved me countless hours of doing tedious work.

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    John Kroening

    I agree with Excel.  In the day to day business world, it is the most widely adopted tool.  Outside of that I see C# as #2 and Java as #3.  Some folks are using R, Python or Minitab.  Advanced users of those applications are few and far between, and typically in specialized scenarios.

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    Omar Habib

    I agree with both of the above comments. In my research field and internship experience, I have found that focusing on one specific program (such as Excel VBA) reaps higher rewards than having a basic understanding across many software. I have found VBA and macros to be extremely useful in my line of work, and the perks is that one often has a basic understanding of Excel (Vlookups and so on), so one can advance at a faster rate than a completely new programming language. However, if one is able to learn multiple with ease and efficiency (R, Python, and so on), then there is no harm.

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    Olubukola Ogunsola

    C# is very popular with robotics, so is Matlab. Problem with Matlab is that it is not free. But popularity changes with time, at the moment Javascript, is being used in small electronic equipment and I met someone that programs for an oil company using NodeJs. I won’t be surprised if they start using it in robotics

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    Thomas Magnuson

    During my internship in a quality engineering role I found myself developing SQL queries to determine the scope of where equipment was used or which product may have been affected by a nonconformity.

    In my coursework, I have found myself using MATLAB and Excel the most when completing homework assignments. I can see myself using Tableau more in my future presentations, both in class and industry, as I enjoy its visualization capabilities.

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    Zihao Li

    From my perspective, in the field of industrial engineering, programming is not strongly concentrated compared to computer science, but there are some certain languages that I use typically both from my class projects and past internships.

    1 Excel

    2 Matlab

    3 R

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    During my internship experience, most manufacturing use Excel for storing, manipulating data. For the larger dataset scenario when the companies make use of database, SQL is the most common one

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    Sarah Brennan

    I am currently working as a manufacturing engineer, and I would agree that manufacturing mainly uses Excel. For us it is a software that everyone is familiar with so we are able to disseminate the data in a more effective manner. Recently some groups have started to implement Tableau, but it’s certainly not widespread yet.

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    Wenjun Zhu

    From my internship experience, I think Excel is indeed very helpful when do calculations and draw plots. But in other language like R, several steps in Excel could be managed in one line of code. What’s more, R has many free packages that could be used directly to do some complicated analysis, like clustering and classification. But R could be very slow when deal with a very large dataset. Then I would turn to MySQL and Matlab.

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    Zach DeGroote

    Reply to Rebecca Jin of #2815:

    When I did a co-op last year at Mercury Marine, I primarily used Excel for basic data analysis and Minitab for statistical process control and generating control charts.

    However, I have been taking ISyE 412 this semester, which involves both R and Tableau, and I can definitely see myself utilizing both of those in my full-time engineering work.

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    Cindy Chen

    I feel like the languages mentioned above are all pretty common ones while these languages and software are mainly used in different areas:

    Statistics: Matlab, R, Excel, Minitab, SPSS, Tableau

    Mathmatical Model: Julia, Jump, Games

    Database: SQL

    Universal: C, C++, Python, Java(Object oriented, more similar to android languages)

    Webpages: hyml, css, php, javascript, jQuery

    By choosing suitable tools would surely help you with your work.

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    I think that it depends on where are you working. For example, matlab is very useful for engineering problems and very used in aeronautics because it has many libraries and packages that can help you to save a lot of time. On the other hand, C++ is faster since it uses machine language but it is also less intuitive and older. Python is becoming one of my favourite languages because it is opensource and easy to learn, many commpanies are now working with it.

    You also have many languages to do web development as PHP, java, mySQL, CSS and html for interface…

    In summary, it strongly depends on your job.

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    Jean Wei

    From my internship experience I used Excel on a daily basis (I think VBA and MACRO is very useful for logistics planning department). I didn’t use much softwares, but my mentor used Minitab. Other than that nothing much (my job title was manufacturing engineering intern though, that might make a difference).

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    Marisa Gonzalez

    Personally I wish that I knew more about Excel. Although it’s very basic i’ve noticed most people only know how to use it on a very basic level but that those who can use it for very advance computing and gathering of information are much more effective at doing their job. Also SQL was something that I was exposed to at my internship. It’s a very nice program that helps you sort through databases I would love to learn more from this too. I know it’s a highly used program at many companies.

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    I think I used Excel and SQL most during my internships! I also recently learned Tableau in Isye 412, and I can really see it being really useful for data visualization. I think these softwares are also really user friendly, so it would make sense that many companies often expect their interns to use them.

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