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    Adam Mitchell


    It is crazy to think that college is drawing to a close as I only have 1 year left — half of which will be spent in Budapest. That leaves me with just 5 short months in Madison after returning from abroad. As a person, I feel like I can get stuck in the same routines enjoying the same things without realizing what I’m missing out on. What are some of your favorite things to do around UW-Madison? What are some of the best spots? Anything you think someone should experience before leaving this place, please leave a comment below.

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    Amanda Bostwick

    Hi Adam! This past year my roommates and I came up with a pretty lengthy bucket list for our senior year. Some of my personal favorite things we’ve done include…

    • Ale Asylum Brewery by the airport has $5 tours on Sundays (includes a free beer!)
    • The UW Observatory has open viewing nights on certain Wednesdays throughout the month and it’s so cool/usually there are astronomy grad students around who can tell you what’s up
    • Late night Tornado Room by the capital is a must before you graduate (its 10pm-1am) and you can get amazing burgers/steaks/etc. for cheap and can be a fun way to end a night out
    • Willy Street is also an underrated treasure of Madison – make sure you’ve hit all the go-to’s like Ha Long Bay, Grandpa’s, Gibb’s and I/O Arcade
    • Go on an official tour of the Capitol
    • Go to a Mallard’s game
    • Dim Sum – Nani Restaurant in Middleton (if you have a car it’s totally worth it! Such good dim sum)
    • Day trip to Devil’s Lake

    Hope this helps! The list goes on an on but these were my favorites for sure.

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    Alec Bernstein

    One of my favorite things to do in Madison is go to the Kohl Center and watch Badger Basketball games. I took advantage of the great student ticket package deal and went to just about every home basketball game. I would definitely suggest going to as many games as you can as it is a great atmosphere and we will not have the opportunity at our disposal after graduation to go to such great sporting events for low prices.

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    Kristjana Hrovat

    Reply to Adam Mitchell of #4499:

    I would like to second one of the ideas listed by Amanda. The UW observatory is super cool to visit on Wednesday evenings, they actually let you look through the telescope sometimes. You can check what Wednesdays they are open on their twitter. Also Vilas zoo is fun. They have capybaras and badgers.

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    Jake Bever

    Going off of Amanda’s bucket list, checking out the observatory viewing area in the Capital building is something that I plan to do this Spring/Summer. I’ve heard the view is amazing. I would also recommend the farmer’s market that encircles the capital, some great food and beers to try out!

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    Kalley Anderson

    A must do in my opinion is going to a Badger football game. They are such fun events and they generally make you feel proud to be a Badger.

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    Connor Hull

    When the weather gets nice, grab some friends and head over to picnic point for a bonfire. Its a cool way to get out of the city atmosphere on campus and enjoy nature. Make sure to reserve a bonfire beforehand though.

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    AJ Lingg

    If you are around Madison for a little bit of the summer I think you have to go to a Madison Mallards game. Ton of fun, pretty cheap and an electric atmosphere.

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    Hi Adam, I think you should really try to visit the Governor’s Office! I’m sure if you talked politics with the gov. for 30 minutes or even an hour you would really get a lifetime experience you would never forget! Bring him a beer from State Street on your way if you really want to make a good impression!


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    Zachary Yonish

    Madison Mallards games are very fun. I have also taken day trips to Devil’s lake and Sugar River to go tubing in the summer which I would both recommend.

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    Allison Winek

    One of my favorite places to eat on campus is the Babcock Hall Dairy Store. It’s close to the Microbial Sciences building. Most people don’t realize they have breakfast and lunch there in addition to an extensive variety of Babcock ice cream. Their sandwiches are delicious and have a Wisconsin-approved amount of cheese on them. If you haven’t been yet, I’d definitely recommend giving it a try before you graduate.

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    Claire Johnson

    Being able to go sit at the terrace and order a pitcher of beer for you and your friends is one last must do before you graduate. Something everyone will miss after leaving Madison. Also make sure to explore a few more of the restaurants around here as there are so many hole in the walls that you cant find anywhere else!!

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    Football games, picnic point trip, a night at the terrace.

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    Grace Allen

    Reply to Adam Mitchell of #4499:

    Hi Adam! My friends and I really enjoy going to the comedy club. Tonight I will be utilizing their student deal on Thursdays. It is only 5 dollars for a show and is a really great thing to do with your friends. Would recommend!

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    Adam, this is a great question! I hope Budapest is treating you well.

    One of my favorite things to do in Madison is enjoy a beer on the Terrace. The Comedy Club is also a great spot, with open mic nights every Wednesday. You also can’t go wrong with a sunny Saturday spent playing cards on the Chaser’s patio.

    Off the beaten path, I recommend you try sailing on Lake Mendota. Hoofers offers sailboat guides and rentals. I also recommend you hike Devils Lake. This will take you off campus for a day and has great hiking and swimming, especially on a warm spring day.


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