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    Tate Riordan

    What do people think of the new curriculum?  Do you think you will end up switching over to it or staying under the current one?

    Ben Peterson

    I think that the new curriculum seems to offer a lot more flexibility than the old curriculum which is very convenient. I won’t be switching over to it since I would have to essentially retake several classes, but I would have preferred it if I was an incoming freshman.

    Aidan Smith

    I think the new curriculum is a great way to give students more variety. Students now wont have to take classes not necessary or redundant to what they are interested in. If i had it as an incoming student I would for sure be in it!

    Matthew Berson

    I think the best part of the new curriculum is that it allows students to pick focus areas within Industrial Engineering which students were not able to do in the past. Unfortunately its hard to switch into the new curriculum as a junior, but I believe it will be beneficial for future students.

    Mackenzie Dahlquist

    I think the new curriculum will allow students to more clearly understand the options available with this major and the different fields you can get involved in earlier on. Even as a junior, I think it may be beneficial for me and am considering switching.

    Ryan Garley

    The new curriculum seems to replace the required classes that did not have much to do with industrial engineering with options that are more focused on different aspects of industrial engineering. I think it will give students a much greater understanding and liking of the industrial engineering program at UW.

    Noah W

    I think the new curriculum is great for incoming freshmen or underclassmen in IE. I don’t think it makes sense for upperclassmen who have already completed physics 202 and accounting 300 to switch over since it is still the same degree and you will have to take some extra classes.

    James Eberle

    The new curriculum looks interesting for the incoming freshman class. However, it really isn’t applicable for upperclassmen that have already progressed so far into the current IE curriculum. I know that I would have to take a bunch of extra classes if I were to switch and I am currently a second semester Junior.

    Meera Viruru

    Are people considering taking the new computer science class that they are adding? Even if they are not switching majors?

    Conner Boldt

    I am definitely going to stay under the current curriculum.   At this point, as a second semester junior, I would practically be setting myself a year or more behind by switching.  With that being said, I think the new curriculum will be much better for new and incoming students.  I am also not going to take the new computer science class as I’ve already completed my CompSci requirements.

    Elias Sobah

    I think the new curriculum looks much more intriguing, although I am too far into the current one for it to make sense for me to switch. I think the ability for incoming students to now be able to specialize in certain focuses of IE will make the degree more valuable.


    I think that the new curriculum is a good step in helping students get more depth in areas of Industrial Engineering knowledge that they would like to pursue. However, I would urge new students to try and still get a wide range of knowledge instead of just focusing on one specialized field immediately.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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