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    Cameron Bentrott

    I am graduating with a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering in the spring and will begin working in July. I am looking to do an MBA program within five or so years of graduation though. Are there any recommendations for how to go about this with my company? Will MBA programs be worth it by then?


    Tina Lu


    I know a lot of companies that will pay for your tuition in returns of you agreeing with the company for X years after finishing the program. Part time MBA is pretty easy to fit in a work-life balanced schedule. You ┬ácan ask for company’s policy in tuition assistance when signing the offer. Good luck!


    Adam Mitchell

    Like Tina mentioned, it is important to see what the company you are working for might provide in terms of sponsorship for MBAs. If it does not provide the right opportunities that you need, it might be time to start looking into companies that have those opportunities early on. My counterpoint to even getting an MBA, however, is that you might not ever need one if you find yourself in a work program that provides MBA-like experience. A program I will be doing with GE-Healthcare will basically give me my MBA in Medical Devices experience-wise through a 2-year program.


    Amanda Bostwick

    Similarly to Tina and Adam’s comments it is beneficial to see if your company can sponsor the MBA. However, if you’re interested in educating yourself on your own until you are able to purse your MBA I learned about this book through a previous internship. It’s called The 10 Day in MBA. From what I’ve heard you can learn a lot from it and it could be a good way to make sure an MBA is something you really want.


    Nick Hurtgen

    Since you don’t start work until July, it might be a good idea to start researching schools and programs. Some schools allow you to apply directly out of college then begin the program later. Even though it will be a few years out, it is still a good time to begin conducting research.

    Also, it would be a good time to take the GMAT, because you won’t be weighed down with work. The scores last for 5 years, but you would be able apply within that time frame.

    Good luck!


    Dominic Thompson

    I think continuing your education is a wise move. Talk to your HR department and surf the company’s website to see if the have a tuition reimbursement program. As far as the MBA, I would consider taking a more technical Master’s program. The HR department and my own boss said they would prefer to have employees with more technical Master’s degrees because MBA’s are quite common nowadays. UW-Madison has great online master’s courses. I recommend the Manufacturing Systems program. I am currently in it and it is very doable while still working full time. Also, UW-Madison will potentially accept some undergrad credits towards your Mater’s.

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