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    Most of the quality control courses introduce packages like JMP or Minitab for statistical analysis of data. The fact that these packages are tailored for quality related applications make them easy to learn and apply. However, it might be worthwhile to consider free packages like R and python for this purpose.

    I have been checking out some packages in R like qcc, which has almost all the control charts. As part of my self-paced python learning, I was searching for a similar package in python but could not get one yet. So I wrote a program that uses matplotlib in python for constructing p-charts which is very rudimentary but could be used for constructing p-charts from scratch by passing the sample data.

    I saw that the library spc in python can be used to construct control charts. However, print quality wise, these are not very superior to MS Excel charts. Is anyone else using better libraries to plot control charts ? The latest I have come across is seaborn: http://stanford.edu/~mwaskom/software/seaborn/

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