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    For calculation of mean and median we have built-in functions in R.
    But for mode calculations we do not have any built-in function.
    I had googled and found a piece of code ( code attached below) that can be used to find mode, however, it has a lot of limitations. does anyone know any other easier way to calculate mode in R? like a packadge installation.

    Thanks in advance.


    This is the Code i found on the net, But the limitation of the below code is that, CalMode(1:5) gives 1 and CalMode(5:1) gives 5 so when all the numbers have same freq, the code fails.

    Mode <- function(x) {
    ux <- unique(x)
    ux[which.max(tabulate(match(x, ux)))]

    Changyue Song


    Mode = function(x) {
    tab = table(x)
    md = which(tab == max(tab))
    William Schmitz

    I am trying to find the mode in R for a homework assignment (ISyE 412).  By inspection, I see that the data in the vector is trimodal.  This data vector is small.  I tried the above suggested method from the post as well as the website https://www.tutorialspoint.com/r/r_mean_median_mode.htm.  This yielded only one answer.

    My question is: how do we get bimodal and trimodal results when using R?  With very large data sets, the above method may be problematic.

    I appreciate any suggestions?

    Wenjun Zhu

    Reply to William Schmitz of #3240:

    When the data set is small, we can also try in a shorter and simpler way:



    When the data set is very large, we can apply MapReduce and Hadoop in R. Attached below are my personal points. Hope can help you!

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