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    Shuaikun Hou

    Besides data analysis, are there any courses worthwhile taking to learn more about data analysis?


    Tina Xu (current lecturer for IE 412) is opening a special topic class in industrial engineering next semester. The course number is 601. Also, the stats department offers STAT 327. They teach you how to use R in data analytics and visualization. The best part is, the class is divided into 3 separate classes with 3 levels of difficulty, each is worth 1 credit. Therefore, there is an appropriate level for people with different level of expertise.

    Marisa Gonzalez

    I would also recommend ISyE 412. It’s a good class that helps students get a basic understanding how to start the data analytics process. I also believe she is starting a new class next semester (Spring 2019) which teaches you how to you the program SQL which can be used to query through databases. It’s a very useful and commonly used program in industry. I would recommend reaching out to Tina if this is something you want to take. Otherwise I believe the Computer Science also teaches classes about data analytics programs/programming.


    I too would recommend ISyE412. The course goes into detail on data pre-processing, data processing, and classification methods. The theory behind all of these techniques is gone through first, then applied using R software. The course project is a topic of your choosing and utilizes the data visualization software Tableau. Tableau is an incredible immersive, interactive software that’s nothing like I’ve used before, I would go on to claim it’s actually fun to use!

    Nick Lawrence

    I would also recommend looking for a course in machine learning– machine learning is being used everywhere in big data right now, and familiarity with its concepts is becoming integral to the job of a data scientist. Some suggestions from the CS department are Matrix Methods in Machine Learning, and CS540 Artificial Intelligence.

    Stephen Bosak

    Reply to Shuaikun Hou of #4099:

    This past semester I took a course in the Electrical Engineering department. It is ECE 379: Data Science and Engineering.  This class was a pilot run this past semester but it was extremely well run and thought out by professor Laurent Lessard. The class was focused on using python (don’t need prior exposure to python) to do descriptive and predictive analytics. Every module is super interesting and some of the topics you cover is very closely related to 412 topics such as clustering and classifying. While you learn the theory and basics of data analytics in 412, this class is where you apply them in real life. It is a super fulfilling class since you are performing actual industry level analytics. I can attest to this because I had a job for 2 years at IBM in their IOT sector and will be returning full time and this is the type of work we were doing.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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