Should there be a dedicated Data Science class offered through ISyE?

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    Stephen Bosak

    This past semester I took ISyE 412 which is the fundamentals of Data Analytics which was a great course. It mostly had to do with the theory of Data Analytics and then at the end touched on the current state which is the major industry of Data Science. I enjoyed learning R and Tableau and doing some analysis but it left me wanting more. I feel like there should be another course that goes into depth of Data Science since it is such a fast growing industry which is changing the career paths for ISyE majors.

    In addition to 412 I took ECE 379 this past semester which was a pilot run of a brand new class which was about Data Science and Engineering. This class was extremely well run and thought out by professor Laurent Lessard. The class was focused on using python (don’t need prior exposure to python) to do descriptive and predictive analytics. This class taught me so much and it is 100% useful; I am returning to IBM in their IOT sector doing Data Science and all of the information we learned is being used in industry.

    Would other ISyE students enjoy this class and where do you think this could be implemented into the curriculum as an elective?

    Hao Zhou

    This should be a good course to take! Learning programming language like Python is useful if you want to do data analysis. Professor Laurent Lessard is also great. He also teaches ISyE 524-Introduction to optimization

    I know ISyE 601-Data Management and Analysis for Industrial Engineers is potentially going to be added into the curriculum. This course teaches SQL and linear regression using R.


    I think I am going to really enjoy 412! I also believe with the growth of big data and the need for data analysts, having a required course in the ISyE curriculum would be very helpful to show students how to analyze data in a meaningful way and be able to communicate it to broad audiences.

    I am also taking ISyE 601: Special Topics which is titled Interactive Data Visualizations. I am very excited for this course and think it will be a great extension of 412 as it will show me how to present data in the most effective way to help the audience come to the correct conclusions.

    Grace Allen

    I believe that they are changing the Industrial Engineering program at Madison to incorporate more data science and computer science classes. I think some of the previous classes that were needed to graduate are no longer necessary and instead, more data science and computer science classes are needed. I think this is an extremely helpful change and I wish that this change had occurred during my time at UW. A proficiency in data science is applicable in many industries and is a need for many jobs.

    Finley Myers

    I also agree that it is advantageous for the ISyE department to offer a wider variety of data science classes to match the scenarios that graduates will meet in industry. In offering more data science classes, I wonder if it would be advantageous for the department to offer a Data Systems/Science certificate? It has recently done similarly with the Manufacturing Engineering Certificate program, and it would likely be a popular offering.

    Saksham Garg

    I agree with you that that there should be more data analytics classes. I also feel like ISyE 412 should be mandatory course for the degree.

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