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    Justin Pospishil

    Has anyone found any good resources for beginners trying to learn Tableau? Any help is appreciated.


    Gideon Aderemi


    Quite frankly, the best resource I have found out there is the website/company provided information, available at:

    The videos are appropriately paced and there is a workbook download option available as well as solutions.

    I doubt anything will come close to the excellence of how the training videos are created and structured.

    I’ll begin reviewing the information myself this weekend, and we can meet back here later to compare the benefits/drawbacks from the training provided by Tableau.

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    I have found a lot of luck watching YouTube videos of specific things that I am trying to accomplish. I am a visual learner so it helps for me to see someone do it. Other than that Tableau does have some solid resources too. But there certainly isn’t as much support for learning possible Tableau functionalities when comparing to a more traditional software like Excel.


    John Silva

    I reached out to a friend that does data analytics for HR. He currently uses Tableau to automate reporting and track KPIs.

    His advice was to start with Udemy. He took a class online through their website for $15, and he said it is well worth it.

    Good luck!


    Kylie Hellenbrand

    Reply to Justin Pospishil of #4320:

    I also agree with John. I bought a Tableau class from Udemy for $10, and the material was presented in a very helpful, clear way. Sometimes the courses can be more expensive, but they have sales several times throughout the year, so it might make sense to wait to buy until one is happening. I bought a class on Tableau almost two years ago, and I still have access to it, so it doesn’t seem like they ever expire. Very useful if you ever want to go back for a refresher.

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