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    Hadyan Fahreza

    Hello everyone,

    Do you have any recommendations to keep myself busy during coronavirus quarantine?


    Thank you

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    Tyler Byrne

    Exercise and eating healthy are two goals that I have made for myself during quarantine that keep me busy and goal oriented. Going on a run, buying good meals, and completing all my school work takes up a good chunk of my day. This still leaves time to binge watch a new show, play cards with the family, watch a movie, or read a book. Complete this cycle every day and you’ll start to notice your quarantine time fly by. Hopefully we’ll be out soon, good luck.

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    Sydney Seim

    I have also found that school work during the day and exercising in the late afternoon takes up a majority of my day! I also have been playing games with my family and soaking up the extra family time, which is great. I think this time would be a great time to get back to hobbies you may not have time for when you’re not quarantined to your home!

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    Sofia Noejovich

    I think another good recommendation I recently received is to turn off the radio. It can make the whole waiting game a lot worse if you keep checking the news.

    Also, I have been playing cards/board games with my friends online if you are in quarantine alone.

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    Jillian Genova

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I recently started reading for pleasure again, since I never had time to during the school year! Maybe make a list of new books you want to read before quarantine ends?</p>

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    Satvik Yagnamurthy

    While staying at home, I have certainly played a fair amount of Table Tennis against my younger brother any time I need a study break. In addition, keeping up with the news not only regarding the virus but the stock market can provide immense value. This is a great time to invest in the market and prior to throwing in loads of money, researching the fundamentals of investing and learning to diversify would be beneficial. Through these activities, staying at home will not only be more enjoyable but profitable and a unique learning experience.

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    Aidan Smith

    Playing Xbox with friends or even computer games with friends has helped time go by. Hopping on a zoom call with your friends to just hang out is also super fun to do. The best thing is hanging with family and being together again, who knows when we’ll have this much time them again.

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    Tate Riordan

    Other than schoolwork, I would recommend just taking some time to relax and catch up on things.  At least for me, I am usually pretty busy at school with schoolwork, and when I am home for the summer, I am usually busy working, so having this free time is a great time to catch up on certain things you might not have been able to do like reading a book or watching a new TV show.

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    Bailey Smith

    I would recommend doing things you personally enjoy, whether that’s reading a book, hanging out with your family, or watching your favorite TV show.

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    Mackenzie Dahlquist

    I think it’s a great time to pursue things you have been interested in and pushed aside with a busy college schedule. For me, cooking more and listening to podcasts have been two interests I have taken up during this time!

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    Bailey Gene Benck

    I have used the extra time to sit down and read a couple of books that friends recommended to me. I also picked up a couple of new tv shows on HBO and Netflix.

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    Ryan Garley

    Exercising, read a book, picking up a new hobby are all examples of great things to do to keep one busy.

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    Aside from reading, exercising, and doing hw I would recommend watching “Curb Your Enthusiasm”. It is a hilarious show that I was just put onto. It’s just as good if not better than the office. You can watch it on Amazon Prime Video.

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    Karissa Maciolek

    Personally, I have been very busy with keeping on top of my school work/projects and working remotely for my job. But I have noticed that streaming services have added a lot of new content recently! Otherwise, you could stay active and try to learn a few TikTok dances. I know that seems silly, but they are harder than they look!

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    James Eberle

    I like to exercise when I am not doing work. If I have any other free time I like to play the guitar or play video games.

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