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    Michael Kemnitz

    I’m a senior planning on graduating this May and am contemplating getting a Master’s degree. I’m looking into the MSIE – Systems Engineering and Analytics accelerated program. In the future, I would like to pursue a career in (data analytics) consulting. How much would the MSIE – Systems Engineering and Analytics help with that career path? In general, how much of an advantage in the job market would this master’s degree give me? This program would only take me two semesters to complete, and as of now I don’t have a job after graduation that I am passionate about. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Nick Lawrence

    Hi Michael,

    From what I’ve heard, the one year master’s is crazy good bang for your buck, especially since you are interested in analytics and consulting. In fact, my 315 TA completed the program and then got a job at a reputable consulting firm. In general, you will find a higher starting salary and less grunt work if you enter industry with a master’s.

    If you are only interested in industry, I believe that the accelerated master’s will have similar effects to a traditional master’s; their research potential is where they differ.

    With that being said, these are only things that I’ve heard around. I’d highly recommend meeting with your undergraduate adviser and the program adviser and asking about the types of jobs their graduates lock down. Good luck!


    Hey Michael, I will be in the Systems Engineering and Analytics program starting next year and I think the variety of class offered will definitely help you in your future career. Having a Master’s degree typically gives you a leg up in the job hunting process and will allow you to be more job specific. The program offers ISyE 601 courses and I took one last semester that taught Data Analytics in R and there is currently one this semester teaching Tableau. Additionally, pertaining to consulting, I believe the program allows you to take a portion of the courses in the Business school which would be beneficial.

    Rebecca Graven

    I would highly recommend looking at the courses that are offered to determine if this would be beneficial to the exact path you want to take. I considered the same program and decided against it since it is all the same courses that you can choose from as an undergrad for technical electives. For me, if I was going to do a Master’s, I wanted to focus in a bit more on a specific topic (or do something new like an MBA) rather than have classes from different areas.


    I am also interested in pursuing the Master’s program. Are the course options flexible with busy schedules? I am hoping that the courses have enough flexibility.

    William Wirono

    I think the best way to see if a Master’s program is right for you is based on the classes that they offer. If the classes suit with your career plan, then there is no reason not going there. If classes options are low, maybe trying to see other campus’ that offer more extensive classes would not be a bad idea.

    Peter Christenson

    I am also considering the fifth year Master’s program. As someone unsure what I want to do once I graduate, the program could act as an additional buffer to allow to me gain more of an understanding as to where it is I want to work.

    Additionally, it sounds like there’s a lot of value in the program. It’s a one year Master’s, and to my understanding, the admission requirements are eased significantly if you’re studying IE at UW. Having an M.S. on your resume is certainly a strong advantage come recruiting.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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