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    Briggam Knott

    Title says it all. What are you summer internship plans, and are you excited/happy about them? I personally will be interning for 3M’s Optimized Operations program, whom I met at the fall career fair. I will be at the Decatur, AL manufacturing center, and could not be more excited. I’ve never been to this part of the country before, and am already planning out areas to explore. If you have an y suggestions I’d love to hear them!  I don’t know what my project is yet, but am hoping it allows me to use some of the new modeling techniques and control charts I learned in some of my classes this past semester.

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    Vedant Agrawal

    I will be working as a Manufacturing and Operations Intern at Post Consumer Brands before I start with the ISyE Masters program. I am pretty excited for the opportunity as I will get to work in a food manufacturing environment (I want to eventually end up in the food industry) and work on large-scale projects with the concepts I’ve learned during the undergrad program.

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    I will be working as an engineering consultant intern at a company called NV5 back home in Miami, Fl which will be nice to be home. I hope to be doing a lot of project planning and finance managing to ensure that engineering projects are being properly managed and budgeted. I am very excited and cannot wait to learn how do apply what I have learned from school into the job world!

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    Ashley Hellenbrand

    I will be interning at Promega in Fitchburg (15 minutes south of Madison) as a Logistics & Supply Chain Intern. I’m excited to gain some real world experience in Supply Chain and apply what I have learned in my IE classes so far. The internship is project based, so I am looking forward to seeing what I get assigned to do. I also think it will be fun to work for a biotechnology company, as I have always been interested in biotech. In my opinion, you can’t beat a summer in Madison, so I’m happy I get to stay here!

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    I’ll be interning at CUNA Mutual in Madison as a Market Risk intern. Although I probably got this internship because of my econ major, I found it interesting that I talked more about my IE experiences instead. I’m excited to find out how I can apply the tools I learned in IE to a completely unrelated area; my goal is to get into consulting, so  I’m thinking this internship is a step in the right direction! Also I gotta agree with Ashley, summer in Madison really is the best so I’m super excited to be able to spend it here!

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    Bailey Smith

    This summer I will be interning for KFI Engineers as a Building Automation Specialist Intern. I will mostly be working on graphics for human machine interfaces. I am very excited to learn and grow from this internship opportunity.

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    Matthew Berson

    I will be interning for a second straight summer with US Cellular. I am excited to expand on all the knowledge I gained from my internship last summer. I also believe it is an exciting time to be in the wireless industry considering people have been reliant on wireless communication throughout the quarantine.

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    Ryan Garley

    I will be interning for Navistar this summer in the Chicago area. I am excited to be working in supply chain and procurement for them this summer where I hope to apply the several different tools I have learned at UW. Excited for this opportunity!

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    Alec Jacobson

    I am planning to work for The Schwan’s Company in Cincinnati as a global supply chain engineering intern. I am very excited about the company and the work, but not as excited about the location. Hopefully it doesn’t get cancelled!

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    Noah W

    I have accepted a supply chain/manufacturing co-op position with GE Appliances in Louisville. I am hoping it doesn’t transition to remote since they usually have a large group of co-ops and I am hoping to meet other IE’s from around the country.

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    James Eberle

    I plan to work in a financial firm in New York City. I have worked at this firm for the past three summers. I am very excited to continue working there, however, given the current pandemic I am not sure if I will be working there in-person this summer.

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    Jack Heidenreich

    I am planning to start a Summer/Fall Co-op at Sub-Zero in Fitchburg (near Madison) at the end of May. I will be supporting one of their Business Unit team that consists of many different engineers (quality, reliability, design, industrial). Although their plant is still closed down due to the pandemic, they are busy designing changes to the manufacturing process so there is still a lot to do, although some of my work may be more remote than normal.

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    Conner Boldt

    I’m also planning to start a Summer/Fall Co-op at Sub-Zero in Fitchburg.  I will be a Manufacturing Engineer starting (as of now) May 26th.  I’m really looking forward to the opportunity as everyone I’ve met there is really nice and I know I’m going to learn a lot.  Hopefully it doesn’t get cancelled or pushed back!

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    I am planning on interning at a trading firm in Chicago this summer, assuming COVID-19 has no impact on the job. I’m really looking forward to learning more about trading and a field outside of engineering.

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