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    Peter Christenson

    I worked at UnitedHealth Group – Optum as a Product Management Intern. Specifically, I worked in the Payment Integrity division, which focuses on developing a transparent payment relationship between payer and provider. My project had to do with the Provider Education program, focusing on how to better educate providers in terms of billing practices. It wasn’t a typical Industrial Engineering internship, but it was a great healthcare learning experience.

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    Maxwell Roitstein

    I took a bit of a more nontraditional route for my internship and post-graduation career and decided to try my luck in finance. For my sophomore Summer, I interned at a hedge fund, for my junior Summer I worked at an investment bank and after graduation, I will be returning to that investment bank.

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    Bailey Smith

    I interned for a control systems integrator located in New York City. While interning, I worked on combined heat and power plants as well as co-generation plants. I had the opportunity to work at the largest private construction site in NA, working on a co-gen plant to power the east yard at Hudson Yards. I mostly worked on the supervisory control and data acquisition system that would collect data from the co-gen plant, return the data to a PLC, and then finally the human machine interface.

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    Ben Peterson

    In my manufacturing engineering internship it was a lot of the stereotypical work instructions and time studies. They did make some significant impacts of the company, but it wasn’t the most thrilling work.  I also got to do some product design work, supply chain logistics, and quality engineering which was a bit more fun.

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    Matthew Berson

    In my engineering internship with US Cellular last summer I worked alongside a project manager who oversaw the site development and construction of new cell tower. The majority of the work I did was using excel to monitor and analyze how long cell sites were taking to progress through each stage of the integration process. I also performed more detail analyses of sites that were outliers and took significantly longer amounts of time to be integrated than others and reported my findings to people in leadership positions within various engineering departments.

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    Bailey Gene Benck

    I worked at Valmet in Waukesha Wisconsin. I spent most of my time working on quality control and process improvements. The biggest project I had was the implementation of software that improved the quality of production data on our Blanchard grinders.

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    During my internship, I was given a task to study the various failure testing methods of wheels and improvements that can be done to quicken up the testing process.

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    Alexander Wistrom

    I worked at GE Appliances in the materials department. There I worked on redesigning much of the material flow and creating a new material storage area for one of the adjacent plants. In addition I also worked on creating a new scheduling system for the plant operation to reduce the total time spent scheduling for each shift.

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    Grant Matthew Smith

    I’m also working in Supply Chain. At first, I did a lot of Continuous Improvement work within my department like process mapping functions to discover what contributed to certain internal lead times. Now I’m moving towards managing small projects like creating Tableau servers for my division.

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