Guidelines on Writing Articles in Main Site

By | March 1, 2015

Author: Changyue Song

1. Welcome and Thank You!

Dear friends, welcome to IERA! IERA is non-profit website serving as a platform to share ideas, questions, knowledge, and experience particular to IE society. Thank you for all your selfless efforts to enrich the content of the website and to make contributions to the IE society. This post is designed as guidelines for new users, authors, and editors on how to post articles in our main site.

2. Copyright

The articles posted on our main site are owned by their original authors. Authors can publish their original articles, and editors can publish others’ articles besides their owns. Other users without the priority cannot publish articles, but can submit their articles for review. Please make sure that, any content from a third party in the article is authorized and the source is properly referred to. If the article is posted by an editor who is not the article author, the author and the editor of the article should be mentioned before the main content. If the article is posted by its original author, a brief biography of the author could be included before the main content.

3. How to Write Articles

After login, a bar will appear on the top of the page. Move the mouse to “Industrial Engineering Era” button on the left of the bar, and go to “Dashboard/Posts/Add New” to write an article in a panel like this:


In the text area, one may choose to write as normal text in “Visual” tab, or as HTML in “Text” tab. The tabs are at the right-top of the text area. A user who is familiar with HTML may find it convenient to write the article in HTML format. Here I concentrate on editing the article in “Visual” tab.

By default, only the upper toolbar is shown. Please click the  “Toolbar Toggle” button, which is the one located at the right end of the upper toolbar, to find the second toolbar. The functions of the buttons in the toolbar are clearly described. With the help of the buttons, one can easily format the text as list, hyperlink, or other format. Currently, tables are not supported in “Visual” tab. If you want to insert tables, please go to “Text” tab and use the <table> tag in HTML format. Please refer to an HTML tutorial for more information. It is worth stating that the title of each section should be formatted as “Heading 1”, which can be chosen from a style list on the left end of the second toolbar. The title of each subsection should be formatted as “Heading 2”, and so on. It is recommended to number the title of each section and subsection, and the total levels of section should not exceed 3.

4. How to Type Equations

Equations in the article can be typed using Latex syntax. Specifically, an inline equation should be embraced between $ and $, or between \( and \). For example, $E=m c^2$ will produce the result \(E=m c^2\). A display equation should be embraced between $$ and $$, or between \[ and \]. For example, $$E=m c^2$$ will produce the result \[ E=m c^2 \] If you want to number your equations, please embrace your equation between \begin{equation} and \end{equation}, and label the equation using \label{your-label}. For example, if you type \begin{equation} \label{mass-energy-equation} E=m c^2 \end{equation}, you will get \begin{equation} \label{mass-energy-equation} E=m c^2 \end{equation} And you can refer to this equation with \eqref{your-label}. For example, I can refer to the previous equation with \eqref{mass-energy-equation}, which produces \eqref{mass-energy-equation}.

5. Categories and Tags

Every article should be properly categorized and tagged so that the article can be positioned easily by readers. A list of categories has been created according to our forum structure. Editors can make changes to the list according to their common judgement. Tags can be decided by the author or editor. They are the key words of an article and please avoid using capital letters or plural form unless necessary. If you cannot find where to set the categories or enter the tags, please click “Screen Options” on the right-top of the page and make sure that “Categories” and “Tags” are checked.

6. Images

Authors and editors can upload images to our server using “Add Media” button. But if you have a lot of images or other media in an article, a better way to include them is to upload them to another place (e.g. http://imgur.com and include them via the URL of the image files using the <img> HTML tag, as our storage space is limited.

At last, hope you enjoy sharing with others on our website!

last update: 2015.03.12

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