Panel Discussion on Industrial Data Analytics Courses

By | April 2, 2016

We would like to introduce a panel discussion on Industrial Data Analytics Courses: The Need, Content and Expectations at the IIE annual conference that was held on May 30 – June 2 in Nashville, TN.

Three panelists joined this session, including Prof. Shiyu Zhou (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Prof. Satish Bukkapatnam (Texas A&M University), and Prof. Soundar Kumara (Penn State University). All panelists have been leading scholars in this field and have already offered at least one course related to industrial data analytics. The moderator of this session was Prof. Kaibo Liu (University of Wisconsin – Madison). The recorded video for this featured panels session is shown below:

The goal of this session is to enhance the education of industrial data analytics in Industrial Engineering departments by providing an interactive forum for the IE community to communicate on the course design and share information on the course materials. The summary of the findings from the above video can be found at this link.

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8 thoughts on “Panel Discussion on Industrial Data Analytics Courses

  1. Cecilia

    In the summary of findings link it says that “it would be beneficial if ISE departments designed and offered two or three industrial data analytics courses” and after speaking with companies at the career fair it seems that having analytic skills is something that they would really value in new hires. So specifically for the UW-Madison can you suggest a course to take? The most relevant course I saw was ISyE 601 – Special Topics in Industrial Engineering – Fundamentals of Ind Data Analy but this course isn’t being offered in the fall semester. Thank you!

    1. Changyue Song Post author

      Hi, Cecilia, actually I see ISyE 601 is offered in the incoming semester. Besides this one, you may also consider ISyE 512 which is a fundamental course for data analytics. Department of Statistics and Computer Science may also offer related courses.

  2. Emily Egge

    As a student in Industrial and Systems Engineering I see the value in Data Analytics courses as many employers expect us to know how to analyze the data we collect and how to optimize that. There are many ways to look at and analyze data and creating a background of that information is important for success in IE. Do some colleges not have mandatory data analytics courses?

  3. Bridget Roehrs

    I agree with Emily, from experience I have definitely seen the value in being knowledgeable in data analytics. Companies and recruiters will often ask about analytic skills.

  4. Cecilia

    One thing to note: The class ISyE 601 – “Special Topics in Industrial Engineering – Fundamentals of Ind Data Analy” is now called ISYE 412: “Fundamentals of Industrial Data Analytics”

    It’s odd because 601 courses are considered Technical Electives for ISYE students, but ISYE 412 isn’t anywhere in the undergrad handbook so I don’t know if it would currently count as anything in the DARS. It’s probably just an oversight that needs to be noted in the next edition of the ISYE undergrad handbook.

    1. Rebecca Jin

      Hi Cecilia,

      I believe that ISYE 412 is new (in terms of its course number, not necessarily for content), because in course guide, there’s nothing listed for a “Last Taught” date.

  5. wenhao

    Hi Changyue,

    I believe that industrial and system engineering should be strongly combined with data analytics, the use of control chart and multiple sensor are the example of the trend. That’s also why I am taking the SEA program. But I am confused that the analytics courses offered at class are not diverse enouge/

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