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Data Visualization and Analysis, Part 1/3 – World Bank Indicator

Author: Qi Chen

1. Introduction

Nowadays, unprecedented volume of data is available from books, radio, television, Internet and so on. From these data, useful knowledge can be discovered. However, data can be in any format such as numbers, text, or sound, which increases the difficulty of discovering useful knowledge. Some data formats, such as numbers, are sometimes too abstract and not friendly to people. As one of the techniques to address this issue, data visualization organizes different formats of data and presents it in a more easily understandable way.

In this article, we will demonstrate some examples of data visualization with Tableau.… Read more

Data Visualization—Worldwide Small Business Analysis

Author: Jiamin Chen

The inspiring art in data analytic is visualized information.  The booming of data visualization is changing how we think and feel.  Data visualization convey complex concepts and stone-cold data into something more understandable and communicative.

The goal of this article is to demonstrate how data visualization could add value to business decision making process by providing information quickly and crisply based on a real case study for worldwide small business analytic. The dataset studied here is called “Doing Business”, which is provided and downloaded by World Bank, http://databank.worldbank.org/data/views/variableselection/selectvariables.aspx?source=doing-business.

Our analysis could be used to determine the best economy that provides conducive business environment to start and run a small business. … Read more