Website use statement

The website is a platform to share ideas, questions, knowledge, and experience particular to IE society. Please refer to to see the structure of the website. Please observe the following rules and guidelines when posting messages.

1. Right of IERA

The website, including the main site and forums, is owned and operated by the IERA team. Users post messages with the permission of IERA. However, we reserve our right to withdraw the permission at any time, at the sole discretion of IERA, and without further justification being necessary. IERA has the right to remove any message or ban an account if, in the opinion of the moderators, our regulations are violated, or the interests of IERA or a third party are infringed.

2. IERA copyright

All the pages (except the articles posted by authors and editors) of the website and all the content in the forums, including text, graphics, images, etc., is owned by IERA. IERA has the right to use these materials freely and commercial use of these contents without the permission of IERA is not allowed. IERA does not own the copyright of the articles published in the main site, as these articles are achievements of their original authors’ efforts, but IERA can use these articles with a perpetual, nonexclusive, and royalty-free license.

3. Author copyright

All the articles of the main site are owned by their original authors. Please respect the efforts of our authors and editors, and do NOT copy the entire article to any other unauthorized place. You may just give the link and abstract when recommend an article to others.

4. Third party copyright

All the messages posted in the main site and the forums are not allowed to infringe the right of a third party. All content owned by a third party that is contained in a message posted on the main site or the forum must have the permission of the owner, and the original source must be properly referred to. Besides, any content in the main site and the forums cannot refer or link visitors, readers, or users to another online location which contains infringing material or infringing activity.Please note that embedding a video in a message via HTML code is the same to giving a link, thus the previous term also applies. If any user’s message infringes any other’s right, the moderators or administrators of IERA have the authority to withdraw the content without notifying the user, and the user is fully responsible for legal liabilities. If a user infringes any other’s right intentionally, administrators will ban his account.

5. Duty of IERA

We will try our best to check the articles, pages, comments, topics, and replies in our main site and forums in case of any content that infringes any other’s right. However, due to uncontrollable factors such as our limited knowledge, energy, time, and workhand, we cannot guarantee that infringement of a third party’s right does not or will not happen. IERA takes no responsibility for any right infringement, and the website users who post the infringing message are fully responsible for legal liabilities. If you suspect any message infringes your or a third party’s right, please contact us immediately, and we will respond to you in a short time.

6. User privacy

When registering, users are required to provide their profile details including age, gender, job, and company. Users are encouraged to provide true information to help us fight against spammers and evaluate the user group of our platform, and users can decide who is able to see these information. The reality of these information will not be verified, but the information may be used to identify spammers. We will try our best to protect the privacy of our users. Under no circumstance we will spread any user’s personal information without the user’s permission.

7. Other issues

Please refer to the guidelines for new use participants for other issues.

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