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    Changyue Song

    Dear moderators, thank you for your efforts in managing our forums. Your help is making our forums better and better. This guideline is prepared for forum moderators on your responsibilities and authorities in forums.

    Until now, most forums have one or more moderators. Moderators can edit or delete others’ topics and replies. Here I would like to list some guidelines as follows:

    • If a question in your forum is not answered for a long time, please help to answer it, or invite someone else to offer a solution.
    • If the title of a topic is not informative, please give it a proper title, or ask the user to modify the title.
    • If a new topic is identical to an old one, and the problem has already been solved, please remind the user.
    • You may create additional terms and guidelines for your forum. You may create it as a sticky topic so that it will be displayed on the top of other topics.
    • If you find some content infringes the right of other(s), please hide or delete the content and contact the user.
    • If you find spam message, please mark it as spam.
    • You are recommended to subscribe your forum(s).

    Thank you again! Any comment or suggestion is welcome.

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    Hello guys


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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