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    As a second semester junior, I feel a lot of pressure to secure a summer internship. Still, I am quite busy with my academic and student org commitments and I would like to use my time applying for internships as efficiently as possible. I was wondering what people’s experiences have been applying for internships on linked-in vs handshake and if there are pros and cons to each platform.

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    Vrishabh Patil

    Hi Andy!

    I’m also a second semester junior and feel like we’re on the same boat. I’ve been applying to internship/co-ops since September 2019 and I recently got a position as a production management intern. In my experience, I believe that it is extremely important to take time out of your week to search for and apply to jobs. Try and take it as another class that has a dedicated lecture time.
    I mostly applied through Handshake and Glassdoor, which the occasional application sent through LinkedIn. I think it’s best to find a good balance between your resources since some companies don’t post their open positions on both. Also, a lot of company applications allow you to log in through LinkedIn or link your LinkedIn to the application, so make sure to update your profile regularly and accurately.

    Good luck with the job hunt!

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    William Wirono

    My suggestion will be to try to apply as many as you can. List them in an Excel doc of when you applied and what position you applied. I personally think there are no difference between job searching websites, whether they are Linked-In, Handshake, Glassdoor, Indeed, etc. They are all the same. The trick is to make sure that your skills matches with what they are finding.

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    Michael Kemnitz

    My opinion is Handshake. I used Handshake to secure my past internship and future job, and haven’t really spent much time job searching on LinkedIn.

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    Aidan Smith

    I personally believe the career fairs are the best. It is a lot easier to make impressions on people face to face than it is online or on a piece of paper. Being a good interviewer is hard skill but showing compassion and interest in person and having a good conversation can go a long way.

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    I applied to several jobs through LinkedIn & I didn’t hear back from any of them. Maybe Handshake is the way to go.

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    Noah W

    I think that handshake is organized the best out of any job forum website. It is easiest to find positions that I want to apply for here. As for successfully finding a position, I would highly recommend the career fair since they hold in-person interviews the day after.

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    Nick L Kolder

    I think both platforms have their benefits.  Handshake’s student oriented approach is much more beneficial because you won’t have to filter through LinkedIn’s seemingly endless amount of open positions, many of which are not internship/entry-level focused.  On the other hand, a regularly updated LinkedIn profile is somewhat a must these days, so I wouldn’t completely ignore it.  While most companies know LinkedIn, they might not be as familiar with Handshake.

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    Try to make full use of all the resources on hand. LinkedIn will help you to connect with professionals across industries as well as apply for jobs. LinkedIn is about building connections with professionals from different levels in an organization.

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    Conner Boldt

    I haven’t used LinkedIn, but I have used Handshake.  One thing I like about Handshake is that it is pretty quick and easy to apply.  Although, I didn’t get many replies or any notifications.

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    Nicholas Tam

    I have applied to many jobs on Handshake to no avail, I feel like going to career fair might actually be a good option.

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    Siew Kheng

    I totally agree with everyone, definitely the career fair would be the best way to go. I suggest LinkedIn as a way to continue connecting with recruiters, so after talking to anyone after career fair you should definitely ask if it is okay for you to connect with them on LinkedIn.

    In terms of job applications on both these platforms, though, I don’t necessarily think one is better than the other. It is definitely more of a preference, there are definitely more choices on LinkedIn just because of its popularity but maybe you would prefer Handshake just because it’s more specific and may be more geared towards you, and you would rather than option!

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