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    Andrew Haen

    I am planning on attending the spring career fair at Madison in February, but have never attended this one. I was wondering if it is about the same as the Fall career fair? I feel like most companies at the Fall one were looking for interns/co-ops or December graduates rather than full time jobs starting in summer.

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    Jin-ri Lee

    Personally, I prefer the fall semester than the spring semester because fall was three days long while this semester is only two days long. But I think you are right about the full time position though.

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    William Wirono

    Essentially, the companies attending the career fair should be roughly the same. The fall semester in my opinion is better as the weather is still nice outside and they were held three days. I received my co-op from the fall semester career fair as well.

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    Jillian Genova

    For future reference, my experience at the Spring career fair was very different than the fall, because since I was looking for summer internships, many companies had their internships already filled for this year. That being said, as an underclassman, I felt as though companies were less likely to turn me away in the spring than in the fall.

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    Peter Christenson

    I’ve gone to the Engineering career in the spring once (freshman year) and the one in the fall twice (sophomore and junior year). In my experience, the spring fair had less of the “big names” that recruit in the fall like 3M or Cargill.

    I’m interested to see what form the fall career fair will take, if it even happens at all, this upcoming fall. I’ve found that most of the interviews I’ve gotten on campus were because I went to the career fair and interacted with the respective firm that I interviewed with.

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    Bailey Smith

    In terms of internships, less companies have internship spots open at the Spring Career Fair. As said previously, the Fall Career fair is three days which is nice compared to two days in the spring.

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    They are both great resources for making connections and getting interviews but the fall career fair is better. It seems like by the time spring comes around, lots of high demand companies have already filled most of their positions. There are always exceptions but there is something to be said for figuring out your job early in the fall.

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    Karissa Maciolek

    I personally prefer the Fall Career Fair, because I feel like there are more internship opportunities available. However, I do think companies are looking for a lot of Full Time employees at both. I’ve heard the recruiting season depends on what field/industry you are trying to work in.

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    Nick L Kolder

    Having been to both the Fall and Spring career fairs, I do feel that the fall one is somewhat bigger, probably due to the fact that companies/students want internships and full time positions sorted out as soon as possible.  With that said, I think you want to have the same mindset going into both because you never know when an opportunity will present itself.

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