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    Owen Carr

    I’m a junior in the ISyE department and I frequently hear that supply chain is a popular career choice, but I haven’t taken any classes that focus on supply chains. I’m curious what ISyE courses I can take to learn more about supply chain.

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    Vrishabh Patil

    Hi Owen!

    I think a required course in the UW-Madison ISyE program for Supply Chain and Operations is ISyE 315¬†Production Planning and Control. It’s a 3 credit course that provides basic exposure to supply chain systems. I believe that the following course would be¬†ISYE 415 Intro Mfg. Systems.

    Hope this helps!

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    Bhurin Pisitthakarn

    Hey Owen,

    One ISyE course that puts a lot of emphasis on supply chains is ISyE 645 (Engineering Models for Supply Chains). This course provides an overview of engineering fundamentals behind supply chains. Topics covered include modeling and design of multi-stage production distribution systems, multi- echelon inventory models, theory of supply chain contracts, value of flexibility and information sharing in supply chains. Personally, I think it is a great course that takes into account the application of knowledge of math, science, economics, and engineering principles to solve ISyE, social or business problems. The list of topics is as follows:

    List of Topics

    • Forecasting Models for Supply Chains
    • Deterministic Inventory Models
    • Stochastic Inventory Models
    • Multi-echelon Inventory Models
    • Inventory Pooling in Supply Chains
    • Supply Chain Network Design
    • Value of Information in Supply Chains
    • Supply Chain Contracts
    • Smart Pricing in Supply Chains

    Hope this helps!

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    ISYE 315 and 415 are the main supply chain classes at UW Madison at the undergraduate level

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    Meghan Breslin

    Does anyone have any recommendations on business courses related to supply chain?

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    Grant Matthew Smith

    I’m a senior ISyE student and will be working as a Supply Chain Analyst when I graduate in May. UW doesn’t offer a ton of Supply Chain emphasized classes within ISYE (there are OTM classes for business students) but I’m taking ISYE 641 next semester which will have a unit on modern supply chains!

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