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    Jin-ri Lee

    I have been here long enough and still can’t find any good place to eat in Engineering other than Union South. Can anyone recommend me a good place to eat?

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    Sydney Seim

    My favorite place is Subway. Otherwise, I know a lot of people like QQ’s which is just around the corner from Subway on University St.

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    Ruixin Zhang

    I would say QQ’s come time can be good, and also Union South has a lot of good stuff to check out.

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    Hadyan Fahreza

    QQ Express for the win!

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    Bailey Smith

    QQ’s is my favorite food around Engineering.

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    Tate Riordan

    Other than Union South, I sometimes go to Kwik Trip if I am in a hurry.  They have decent food that’s cheap and fast to get if you’re in between classes.

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    Alec Jacobson

    Babcock hall dairy store has really good sandwiches and also the famous ice cream. It is not directly on the engineering campus but still very close.

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    Michael Kemnitz

    Other than Union South, I would say either Kwik Trip or Subway. Subway is pretty filling so I usually go there before I’m about to go study for a while. Kwik Trip is super cheap and is useful to get something quick on your way to class or just to tide you over for a bit.

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    Library Bar is a great place to get a club sandwich or burger. If you need to mellow out after (or before) an exam, they also have a great selection of craft beers. Enjoy.

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    James Eberle

    I enjoy going to Union South and getting Ginger Root.

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    Babcock Hall Dairy Store and Carson Gulley Center might be worth trying.

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    Elias Sobah

    Mickies Dairy Bar isn’t too far from engineering. It’s a great place to grab breakfast!

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    Saranya Putrevu

    QQs is often missed by a lot of people because it’s in the basement next to subway. Highly recommended though!

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    Zion Richardson

    I like to eat at the capitol building. It’s a but of a walk, but the food is well worth it.

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    Conner Boldt

    Ginger Root, The Sett, and Library Bar are a few of my go-tos for some good food.

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