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    Jean Wei

    Out of curiosity, if you could only choose 3 most useful classes under IE department, what would you choose and why?

    For my personally:

    IE 315 – provided almost all knowledge I need for my two internships

    IE 524 – programming, logical way of thinking

    IE 645 – makes me want to go to supply chain field for career path

    Excited to hear what you think! I think these information will help us choose courses as well!

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    Michael M.


    This is a great topic. I would say IE 323 is a very important and useful class that most undergrad students are not required to take at other schools. I also think IE 313 is very useful as many IE’s go into a business related field. However, I do wish there was a higher level class that deals with similar topics.

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    Andrew Trotter

    I also think that 415 with Professor K was a really helpful class, especially with me going into a manufacturing and supply chain role. He did an awesome job making lectures interactive and interesting. Highly recommend taking a class with him if you can!

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    ISYE 315: The tools they teach you in that class are very useful if you are going to any manufacturing site. Whether you are doing testing, line balancing, or time studies, that class gave you all the tools necessary. It’s one of those rare classes where everything you learn is practical in real life.


    STAT 312: From my experience, entry-level engineers do a lot of testing and design of experiments. This class teaches you how to assess a problem and apply the proper statistical technique. Very underrated.

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    Marisa Gonzalez

    I definitely agree that 315 is one of the top IE courses at UW Madison. I also enjoyed ISyE 575 and ISyE 320.

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    Joe Tadych

    Personally, I would say that ISyE 313, 315, and 350. I thought 313 was useful because many different aspects of Industrial Engineering require knowledge of the financial world. I thought 315 was useful because manufacturing is a huge component of Industrial Engineering, and therefore what I learned in 315 has been applicable to many other ISyE courses, along with my internship last summer. Finally, I found 350 useful because it gives students an idea of what is involved in a long-term project.

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    I would have to say that ISyE 315, 350, and 323 are the most useful class. 315 introduced many terms that you will hear plenty of times in your other courses as you progress through the IE program, and also has a very collaborative manufacturing planning project at the end of the semester that almost felt like it was a real-world application. 313 feels like a break from the normal engineering classes we are usually taken, and opens up into knowledge about financial decisions, such as investing or buying a house. Finally, 323 is great because it challenges you. You rarely are memorizing definitions, instead it is all problem solving using linear programming.

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    Megan Klubertanz

    I found ISyE 515 to be very useful for my internship last summer. ISyE 515 is Engineering Management of Continuous Process Improvement and had a semester- long client project. We followed the DMAIC methodology and presented our recommended solution to the client. In class we would go through the tools and then visit our client and apply the tools. This transferred well into my project at my internship and provided the tools needed to complete my work. Topics and tools included kaizen concepts, process mapping, basics of quality, affinity diagrams, tree diagrams, prioritization matrices, project management, and organizational and cultural issues.

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    In my opinion, the most useful IE classes are 320, 323, and 450. 320 and 323 provide you with very useful and unique tools (simulation models and linear programs) for solving real problems. What is useful about 450 is that it gives you experience working with a team to help a real client. Additionally, throughout the project, you gain experience using many various IE tools.

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    Nicholas Kizewski

    My favorite and most useful classes I’ve taken in ISYE so far would have to be 350, 348, and 349. ISYE 350 (Junior design) has been extremely helpful in showing me what working in a team based environment consists of. ISYE 349/348 (introduction to human factors engineering) was a wonderful class to introduce IE’s to the world of human factors engineering and human centered design. I’m currently enrolled in more HF classes next semester because I was so interested in the topics taught in 349/348.

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    Amanda Bostwick

    From my experiences the most useful classes have been 315 and 515. When I took 315 I didn’t realize how useful it was until my co-op last Spring. The general industry information we learn in 315 such as ISO 9001, Six Sigma, time studies, etc. were extremely applicable in the Manufacturing world that I was in. Additionally, 515 is the most real world in class experience I’ve had thus far (aside from 450). You are assigned to consult for a local Madison business. My team consulted for Rockwell Automation. Throughout the semester you build on your problem solving and team building skills in order to propose and implement a solution to a problem that the company has at the beginning of the semester. I found the class extremely interesting plus Terry Mann is a great instructor!

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    I believe that ISyE 323 was a very helpful class. Although the class was challenging in my opinion I believe that the material you learn is very useful and applicable to real-world problems. It teaches you how to use simulation models and linear programs to solve a variety of problems.

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    Alec Bernstein

    I think that ISyE 450 was the most useful IE class in the curriculum because when working with your client, you are able to use all the ISyE tools taught in previous classes to really understand your client’s needs and deliver or recommend a strong solution. While 315 had an applicable course project, in most other classes you cannot apply what you learned to a real world problem. Also in 450 I gained valuable experience in time management, project management, communication and presentation skills.


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    Rebecca Graven

    These are all based on topics I used during my internships:

    ISyE 313-Had to do IRR & payback period calculations for both of my internships to justify my projects

    ISyE 315-Used many tools such as VSM, time studies, six sigma (my first internship’s project was a six sigma project), etc.

    ISyE 320-Used simulation software (not ARENA) in my last internship & I know I will a lot in my full-time job

    This doesn’t include senior design and the technical electives I took this year, but I’m sure ISyE 515 and senior design will be very applicable due to the industry project setup.

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    Kyle Raddatz

    While I have not taken the class, I have heard great things about 515. Two of my group members for 450 took it last semester and were able to sharpen many of their skills before applying them to our project. You will also learn some new tools that will help guide you through the analyze portion of your DMAIC approach for 450.

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