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    Michael Kemnitz

    I think the answer to this question depends on what route you want to pursue a career in. Although arguably the most challenging ISyE course, I found ISyE 323 very helpful. ISyE 315 is also a very applicable class to the manufacturing industry, and in my opinion is a rare ISyE course where the majority of topics learned are actually things you’d be doing on the job. I’m in ISyE 412 too and find it interesting and helpful.

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    Kalley Anderson

    I personally found that ISYE 315 and ISYE 512 were very helpful in my internships with manufacturing and quality engineering. When it comes to problem solving ISYE 323 was a great class.

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    Grace Ziegler

    While on my co-op the classes I referenced most were 313 and 315. I would use 313 directly as I was working in developmental purchasing and needed to evaluate costs of parts in the future while taking tariffs into account. However, I think 315 was the most useful because that background helped me understand what the advanced manufacturing teams were talking about for certain processes, without them needing to explain certain terms.

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    Vedant Agrawal

    Being interested in manufacturing and process engineering, I found ISyE 415 and 515 to be the most useful classes.

    ISyE 415 (with Prof. Ananth Krishnamurthy) was a great introduction to different manufacturing techniques and understanding the basics of manufacturing process analysis. On the other hand ISyE 515 (with Prof. Terry Mann) was a great class where you get to choose from a list of Continuous Improvements projects with a local company (my project was with Rockwell Automation) and work on it for the entire semester. This was a great experience as it gave me a good idea of how the continuous improvement techniques we learned in class are applied to real-industry projects.

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    AJ Lingg

    I think 515 is the most useful class in our IE program. It is a more structured and taught version of 450.

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    ISYE 315 has been proven to be useful (if you have taken it, i am sure Terry Mann read his emails about how this class can be applied to many areas in the ISYE world). If you are going into manufacturing, this class provides a lot of necessary tools that are important for a lot of manufacturing positions. ISYE 320 is important to understand and build simulation data. If you are interested in the statistical analysis world, that class will be extremely useful as you are supposed to learn how to manipulate many types of distributions.

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    Blake Germain

    I definitely have to agree with the majority of replies on here in claiming 315 is an incredibly useful IE course, in most any field. It overall gives you the fundamentals of six sigma and optimization to use in your career.

    I also really liked 515 as well since it helps prepare you for 450 and does so in a way that gives you a great amount of resources.

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    • Isye 315: heavily based in manufacturing but lots of great general purpose tools
    • Isye 323: operations research is so so so useful and interesting! This has gotta be my favorite IE class.
    • Isye 450: Real life project with actual clients! Great stuff to talk about in interview
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    Graham Dalsing

    315 is great, and anything with Terry is a  good choice. I also enjoyed 350, but that is heavily dependent on what your group is like. Anything with R also seems useful as I have used it alot in my internship, and the same thing goes for more complex excel packages, such as the optimization functions.

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    Dominic Thompson

    I think that ISyE 313 and ISyE 315 where the most applicable courses to my current job position. ISyE 323 was a very interesting and challenging course, but I have not used any operations research at work. And of course, ISyE 350 and 450 are good classes if you put in the effort. In all of the courses, you get out whatever you put into it.

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    Zachary Yonish

    I also thought ISyE 313 and 315 were very useful IE classes. But as a current student in ISyE 450, I think this has been one of the most useful IE classes I have taken. It has been really helpful to play the part of a consulting company and work with a real company to help them solve some of the issues they are having. This class has helped me advance my professional skills as well as my technical skills with excel and other software.

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    Allison Winek

    I found ISyE 515 to be a valuable class. It is interesting to work with a real-world client, and it does a great job preparing you for your senior design project. You learn a lot of useful IE tools that can be applied in a variety of scenarios, and I think it can benefit you no matter what industry you decide to work in down the line.

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    Claire Johnson

    I would say the best IE classes to take here on campus would be 315, 323, and 350.

    315 – The knowledge Terry has on manufacturing makes this class very enjoyable to learn and if you go into manufacturing this class will really help you learn a lot about it.

    323 – This class was hard at times but you learn a lot and definitely feel smarter after completing it!

    350 – It was the first big semester long project that I’ve done and it was nice to really start doing things that an engineer could spend its time in doing in the real world.

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    Stephen Bosak

    Reply to Jean Wei of #4063:

    Hi Jean,

    Personally I am most interested in Data Analytics and the business side of the ISyE major. So my favorite classes were 313 – Engineering Economic Analysis, 412 – Fundamentals of Data Analytics, and 320 –¬†Simulation and Probabilistic Modeling. I found these classes to have a very large impact on my career projection as they taught me a lot about the theory of three very important parts of industry – Finance, Analyzing, and Simulating. I think these classes had the most rewarding projects and provided me the best learning experiences.

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    AJ Lingg

    I think that ISyE-515 has been the most useful IE class that I’ve taken at UW. Working with an actual company as a client for basically a consulting project gave me a lot of applicable real world experience.

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