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    Melissa Peskin

    I think 450 was a really great class that allows us to gain some real-world project work experience. We were able to use a lot of the IE tools that we learned through our courses which shows that they actually are useful in future projects.

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    Hao Zhou

    ISyE 313 is very useful because it’s important to consider time value of money and ISyE 516 – Introduction to decision analysis is also useful because it teaches you how to make decisions. There are so many decisions you need to make in your life and you should know how to make better decisions.

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    ISyE 315 was very helpful for my Quality Engineering Internship!

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    Finley Myers

    I’ve found that ISyE 315 and ISyE 512 have had the most relevant content to my work experiences thus far. This relevancy is likely due to my work experience being in Manufacturing Engineering (which ISyE 315 covers the basics of) and Quality Engineering (which is covered in ISyE 512).

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    Grace Allen

    Reply to Jean Wei of #4063:  

    450: Real world experience with great mentorship. I am in 450 currently and am able to make actual changes at a health care center. Currently, we are trialing a potential future state. The opportunities to utilize simulation, optimization, and change management in real life has been extremely beneficial.

    315: Extremely helpful for internships, especially if you are in a manufacturing setting. Gives a helpful initial introduction to industrial engineering.

    412: I had used Tableau in my internship this past summer but it was nice to be able to learn different aspects of it in class.

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    Reply to Jean Wei of #4063:  

    Jean, this is a great question. There have been several classes in the ISYE department that I have found very useful. My list is coming from the standpoint of classes that I feel I can relate skills learned to the real world:

    1. ISYE 450: This is the senior design lab and it is required under the ISYE curriculum. This class is a semester long project with a real-world client. I was able to learn first hand how to interact with clients and maneuver through a project.
    2. ISYE 412: I took this class as an elective for my Industrial Engineering elective requirements. I had not used Tableau prior to this class, and instantly found it extremely useful and intuitive. During the semester in this class, I have been able to apply Tableau to several other class projects.
    3. ISYE 323: This class is also required for our undergraduate degree. While it is one of the more challenging classes, I found that the tools used in this class are very helpful for real-world application. I have utilized optimization tools in two separate class projects after taking this class.
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    Julia Romero

    I would say ISyE 315 and 323 have the most real world applications and I have used a multitude of concepts from both many times during internships.

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    I can’t think of 3 as it’s been a while since I took most classes, but Data Visualization (601) is really useful. Makes you really think about how to look at your data and present it to others. Could be really useful in jobs with presentations.

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    I have used Stats 312 more than any other course. What I learned in that class has built the foundation for others such as some 315, all of 512, among others.

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    Benny Boelter

    I would choose the following courses:

    ISYE 315: This course provides a basic understanding of operations and supply chain processes. In my opinion, the concepts taught in the class are something everyone going into the workforce should understand. The concepts have appeared in both of my internships and having that basic level of understanding certainly helped

    ISYE 412: Since big data is becoming more and more important, I believe 412 is a crucial class because it teaches basic data mining concepts as well as provides the opportunity to work with actual large datasets and manipulate them in Tableau.

    ISYE 313: This is great because it teaches college students how money is viewed overtime and how real life monetary scenarios work (loans, bonds, etc.) These concepts are extremely important later on in life when for example, you are taking out a bank loan to pay for mortgage on your first house.

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    315: I believe this class teaches the building blocks of Industrial Engineering. Everything I did in this class was applicable in the real-world especially in my first internship.

    323: This class was challenging but it was a great class to use critical thinking and think outside the box. I felt like I learned a lot and enjoyed learning it as well. Since this class I have used linear and integer programming in other projects which was very useful.

    450: This class is hands down the most important class I have taken in college. It really uses all of your skills and allows you to make a real impact on a company in just one semester. It challenges you and gives you a chance to practice ISYE tools in a real life setting.

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    Zach Bonk

    I would have to agree that 315 is probably the most useful, especially for internships during college.  Along with that, I think 313 is nice to know if you ever think you will go into business at all.

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    I would agree, all of the classes that offer real life experiences are extremely useful. I have used class projects as examples for countless interviews. Also, any data analytics class, like 412 will be really useful. Data is the future and knowing how to analyze data is extremely important.

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    Alexander Hallquist

    The new Introduction to Machine Learning course has been helpful in seeing and learning that there are other models other than the basic linear regression an others. At this point, it has turned my career interest in data and machine learning. Also to note that Professor Boutilier is the best teacher and professor I have had here at Madison.

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    Jared Langenohl

    323–really hard class but it’s actually pretty interesting and I feel like it’s very applicable to the real world.

    315–good introductory course to pretty standard ISYE concepts with a good semester-long project that helps you implement these concepts.

    350–we had our struggles in this class, but I think it was very practical and gave me a good outlook on what working in the IE field would be like.

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