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    Shuaikun Hou

    Can anyone talk about why they chose ISyE major at the beginning?

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    Alex Pape

    Hey Shuaikun, I am currently a senior in the ISyE program and first chose it because of unique aspects it has to offer.  IE offers a unique opportunity where you can apply your engineering and technical skills but also combine it with different business knowledge you have.  So from that standpoint I liked how it wasn’t solely the stereotypical “engineering” field.  Another reason was I thought it was really cool how focused it was on the processes within a business.  IE offers an opportunity for someone to really understand how the manufacturing or processes side of the business is run and what could help the business run at a more efficient rate.  I hope this helps!

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    Nawang Singhe

    I chose Industrial & Systems Engineering because of my deep interest in healthcare research and problem solving. Also, IsyE was the only major that was a good mix of problem solving, math, healthcare policy, and data science.

    This interest was confirmed through a combination of my undergraduate coursework, healthcare related projects, and internship experiences. I also really enjoyed learning about the macro and micro level complexities of the US healthcare system, which is something that IsyE majors are trying to optimize.

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    Megan Klubertanz

    When I was was a freshman, I came in undecided and choose to pursue industrial engineering (IE) after I became aware of the major through the Career Exploration Center. IE combines my favorite subjects: math, science, and business! To solidify my interest, I job-shadowed engineers, became involved in SWE and IISE, volunteered for a research lab, and interviewed for internship positions. All of these experiences created a holistic understanding and passion for the major which DMAICs the world better!

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    Joe Tadych

    Coming into college, I was undecided about what major I was interested in choosing. I had an interest in math, science, and business. I decided to try Chemical Engineering initially, but I took Analytical Chemistry, which ended that experiment. I then switched it Industrial Engineering because I was able to have the math and science aspect to my education, while being able to have more of a business background.

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    I have always really loved math. Although I didn’t really know what engineering was coming into college, I knew that people who love math often end up studying engineering. For this reason, I gravitated to the College of Engineering. Industrial Engineering turned out to be a great fit for me because I wanted to work with numbers, but didn’t have as much interest the sciences (such as chemistry, physics, and biology) as other types of engineering students.

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    Nicholas Kizewski

    As a freshman, I started out in mechanical engineering in order to follow my passion for cars and transportation. After a year of ME, I decided to transfer to Industrial and Systems engineering for a few reasons. IE was able to provide me with both more business center classes and job opportunities. On top of being more business focused, I have come to love my human factors classes. Human centered design is very interesting and takes a different perspective on traditional design philosophies.

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    I chose Industrial Engineering as a major because I felt like it offered me the most flexibility and options as Industrial Engineering can go into so many different fields. I also feel like Industrial Engineering is the most business related engineering major and that was also something that I was interested in is the ability to get an MBA degree with an IE undergrad degree.

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    Petur Gunnarsson

    I chose Industrial Engineering mainly because of the wide variety of jobs and fields of work it offers. I personally didn’t know what I wanted to do in the future but my interests lay in engineering and math. So after looking closer at engineering fields, Industrial Engineering was the obvious choice.

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    1. For me the courses in the major flowchart sounded interesting, but also I knew I really didn’t want to take statics or dynamics.
    2. In high school I participated in UW-Madison’s Engineering Summer Program (ESP) https://www.engr.wisc.edu/academics/student-services/diversity-programs/engineering-summer-program/  In that program each week we had a guest speaker and the Industrial Engineer made it sound the best.


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    There has been some recent literature published regarding the value of data as it pertains to the world market. Economists now argue that “data is the new oil” when compared the two as resources. Industrial Systems and big data go hand-in-hand. What better field to get into to than arguably the most valuable global resource in the world?!




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    Nick Lawrence

    Reply to Hanna of #4195:

    Same here! I like that ISyE has let me take many interesting math-based classes, but also pushed me to learn about business & econ topics. In that sense, ISyE is one of the best balanced majors at the university, in my opinion.

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    Adam Mitchell

    Before deciding I wanted to be ISyE, I just knew I wanted to be some form of engineering because my strengths lied in math and science and I knew it would be a valuable degree to have when entering the workforce. Career-wise, I’ve always known I was going to enter into some form of business, though I believed a business degree would not be challenging enough for me and would be selling myself short. At the beginning of college, I thought I was going to be ME, but after learning about how broad ISyE was and its many applications in the business and manufacturing fields, I knew it was the right fit for me. Now, I will be beginning my career in medical device sales, combining my technical background with my drive to interact with people in a business setting.l

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    Scott Sazama

    I came into college wanting to be an engineer because my best subject were math and science. I thought i had the best chance for success as an engineer. After my intro to engineering course where we talked about all the different engineering majors on the UW Madison campus, biomedical engineering and ISyE stood out to me because of my interest in healthcare. I ultimately chose ISyE because i would get a deeper education in business related courses. Although i have not taken a healthcare related class yet, I am looking forward to taking my first one next semester!

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    I chose to major in IE mainly because it allowed me to take classes across many disciplines. But besides that, I like how IE complements my econ major. Lots of overlap in classes too! Having both majors allows me to have a good understanding of businesses and industries; IE helps me understand the different processes that make up a business, while econ helps me look at how different businesses operate and interact in markets.

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