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    Kristin Serwin

    I came into college knowing I wanted to do engineering and originally thought BME would be great for me. Once I learned about the intense chemistry involved, I knew I needed to make a change (I hate chem). While I was taking intro to engineering, a woman came to speak and she was describing her career and everything sounded amazing to me. The combination of organization, business, stats, and more made me think that ISyE would give me a lot of career opportunities.

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    Alexander Hallquist

    When I came to college I didn’t know specifically what engineering intrigued me, but I put myself into Mechanical just because of the broadness of the topic. Over time I started to like more of the process based projects and the applications isye had to different job markets. Now with the growing number of classes data classes, isye has to take, it’s made me realize how much I like taking different topic classes and not just fitting into the standard engineering curriculum.

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    Jared Langenohl

    So I originally started in Electrical engineering, and I quickly left that after a semester taking EE classes–my mind just didn’t work like that. I wanted to stay in engineering, and my adviser pointed me towards IE. It was more business-centered and there were more options in my opinion in terms of career options.

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    Jackson Lanigan

    I was not at all sure which Engineering program I wanted to be apart of, but there are many things that appeal to me about ISyE. I like that we focus on many different facets of Engineering in our education at UW Madison, learning about manufacturing, supply chain, human factors, health care, linear programming, etc. I think this allows people to get a broad perspective on what is really available to them, and hopefully find what they are most passionate about.

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    Max Melnarik

    I chose IE for what seems to be a popular reason. Coming into college, I couldn’t decide between choosing some sort of business major or some sort of engineering major. During SOAR, we went over all the different types of engineering, and one came up that I’d never heard of: “Industrial Engineering.” It was described to me as an engineering discipline with many business aspects. Realizing that this would allow me to choose both engineering and business, I decided to declare as an Industrial Engineering major, and the rest is history.

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    Spencer Nellis

    I chose Industrial Systems Engineering after transferring from Computer Engineering. I have a strong interest in automation as well as health care, and Industrial Systems Engineering was a good mix between programming, systems, and health systems.

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    Jillian Genova

    I chose ISyE because I was very interested in the idea of process improvements. I also really appreciate that the skills IE’s gain are applicable in almost every industry, from health care to manufacturing to business. As someone who entered college with no idea what they wanted to do, a major that combines business ideas and engineering problem-solving really spoke to me, as that can be applied in almost every job.

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    Vrishabh Patil

    I chose IE because I’m super interested in process improvement. There are tons of companies out there that cater to different segments in the markets, with new ones popping up regularly. For these companies to actually stand out in the industry and capture a secure market share, they need to be competitive and efficient. And that’s where an Industrial engineer comes in! My goal is to help companies grow in industry to provide goods and services that help the individual customer in the most efficient way possible.

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    Hadyan Fahreza

    I chose ISyE since it offered wide job options and fields a wide range of specialization to choose (operations research, supply chain engineering, etc.). And some of the things that I have learned in industrial engineering classes can be applied in my daily life t00! (i.e. decision analysis, engineering economic analysis, design of experiment).

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    Tyler Byrne

    I chose to major in IE because I enjoy two things, communicating with people and finding efficient strategies. Many Industrial Engineers I have spoken with have told me these are two very prevalent areas in the Industrial Engineering field. I also hope to be a consultant one day, Industrial Engineering is a degree that leads strongly into consulting and helps develop a lot of tools for this job title. And above all I looked at the classes that IE would lead me into and they all looked very interesting. This helped persuade me that IE is the right degree for me.

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    Sofia Noejovich

    I chose Industrial Engineering as my major because I have always been a very interdisciplinary person. In high school, I enjoyed psychology, math, and decision science. Before UW-Madison I had never even heard for IE. I also like IE because it offers a lot of flexibility in terms of industry. I have enjoyed working in both healthcare and manufacturing, and luckily my degree has allowed me to be successful in both fields.

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    Satvik Yagnamurthy

    Analyzing various career aspirations, I became determined to grow into an influential leader in the field of consulting. The bridge between technical knowledge and working closely with clients attracted me to this discipline. The major allows students to have a blend between business decision making and data analytics as well as modeling processes to provide optimization and efficiency. The versatile Industrial Engineering program offered at the University of Wisconsin at Madison implements the optimal foundation for me to pursue this interest.

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    Aidan Smith

    I chose ISyE because of the numerous opportunities in the program to go into different fields. I came into college not knowing exactly what I wanted to do within ISyE but the variety of classes in ISyE let you explore lots of different things out and find out exactly what you like to do and what you want to do in the future. ISyE also gives you lots of computer science and data analytics exposure which is very helpful if you wanted to combine it with a CS minor.

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    Tate Riordan

    For me, I decided to do IE because in high school, I was told that if you want to do engineering and you really enjoy statistics, that IE was a great major.  I started looking into it more and more and realized that so many of the potential courses and topics I would learn really fit what I was interested in.  I also love that they teach so many different topics in IE and can have many different paths to take for a career.

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    Ben Peterson

    I chose to be a ISYE major because it teaches you the engineering way of thinking and solving problems that can be applied to anything. Learning how to make systems more efficient is transferable to any field. Also, I didn’t want to take some of the more technical science courses that some of the other engineering majors needed to take.

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